We’re launching the web! New image, more content but the same heart

nueva web aecetia

We are very happy to announce that we are launching a new website. We wanted to be closer to you, give you more tips and advice to make your daily life easier, and, of course, make sure we made it even easier for you to contact us. In this new website, all that and much […]

How to wash feather pillows

Getting a good rest is one of the keys to facing days full of energy and positivity. And to achieve this, it is important to have a pillow that is comfortable and adapts to your body shape, like feather pillows. If you have chosen this option, in this post we show you how to wash […]

How much does a babysitter cost in Seville?

babysitting seville

Is your work schedule incompatible with your child’s schedules? Do you feel you are missing hours in the day to do it all? It is possible that you consider or count on the services of a nanny to be able to combine everything. If so, in this article we tell you options and average prices […]

Products to clean your washing machine

The program of the washing machine you have chosen is finished and when you are taking out the clothes, instead of the nice aroma of clean clothes and your softener, you find a laundry that does not smell good at all…Do not let that happen with these simple tricks to clean your washing machine.

10 tips how to save on “Back to School”

The beginning of the school year is just around the corner and for sure you are already thinking about the endless list of school supplies that your child will need and the financial outlay it entails. Don’t worry, with this article you discover how to save money and time.

5 steps to wash a suit in the washing machine

It is not easy to adapt your calendar to the needs of your clothes. And, on top of that, if you are one of those who wear a suit every day you must be tired of taking it to the dry cleaner’s. Don’t worry, because today we give you all the necessary advices to wash […]

Tricks for children to make their own toys

It seems that today’s children get bored soon of any toy and many times, they prefer electronic devices, do you remember how much fun you had as a kid assembling and disassembling toys?

How to remove and prevent shower mold

What a pleasant feeling to get out of the shower and be completely clean and like new, right? Do not let what should be the most hygienic and clean area of ​​the home be affected by mold and other fungi due to the humidity with these tricks.

How to clean the toughest stains of marble

Without a doubt, marble is one of the most elegant materials that can be seen inside a home. Whether in sculptures, floors or tiles, this material is present in almost every house. But… what do we do when it gets dirty? Today we teach you various tricks to eliminate even the toughest stains of the […]