How does the current situation affect families with children?

It seemed that family conciliation couldn’t be more complicated but, with no doubt, the situation we are living in puts families with children in a very difficult situation. We review the main uncertainties that parents are currently facing and give you some advice on how to achieve a more effective family conciliation.

Before the State of Alarm was decreed, for many families with children, it already seemed almost impossible to reconcile family life. 24 hours a day were not enough to do all the day-to-day tasks, organise the house, work and look after the little ones. Let alone find free time for yourself. But what about now?

Family conciliation in the current situation

During the confinement, many parents have been able to do remote work and take care of the youngest children at home, who had no face-to-face classes and spent all day at home.

This situation is a big problem for many parents and an excessive mental burden, as young children require a lot of attention and do not understand schedules.

Combining meals, homework, keeping them safe and entertained while working or having a meeting has been the day-to-day reality of remote-working for many parents. Something that seemed unthinkable until confinement came along and became a reality.

In addition, the rise of single-parent families should also be taken into consideration. Specifically in Seville, according to the latest survey published by the INE in the last 5 years, families made up of a father or mother and their children have increased by around 7000 cases. In fact, of the 733,400 households in Seville, 22.47% are occupied by single-parent families.

With a lot of effort, they have managed to go ahead. But now, for many, it is time to return to the office and the situation becomes more complicated again in terms of childcare.

And now, with whom do I leave my children while I work?

With the return to the offices, the question “and now, with whom do I leave my children while I work” is one of the most repeated among parents. Once it seemed that work-life balance was beginning to establish between working from home and looking after the children at the same time, it is time to adapt yourself again.

You go back to work face-to-face, but schools are closed, grandparents are an at-risk group and summer camps are not an alternative for you this year. In short, you don’t know who to leave the children with while you’re at the office, as it has to be someone you can trust.

Finding this person can be a very complex task, as they must be someone who is responsible, who gives you peace of mind and who knows what to do in every moment and situation that may arise.

Therefore, at this point, it is best to seek help from childcare professionals. Responsible and trustworthy people to take care of your children respecting their routines and habits according to the indications previously marked by you.

What will the return to school be like?

Many parents are already thinking about what the return to school will be like next year. Well, September has always been a month characterised by the lack of control of the new school year and the disorganisation of the return to routine. And this year, it seems that it will be even more so.

Andalusian children will return to school in September after six months without having lessons as indicated in the Education Plan 2020/21.

In fact, to ensure safety, in addition to the relevant hygienic and health measures, 6,300 booster teachers and 150,000 electronic devices will be added at the beginning of the school year.

It is clear that, even if the return to school were face-to-face (although it is not 100% insured), it would be very different from what we are used to. So it is very important to arrive well organized to the month of September. To help you achieve this, we have written a post telling you the 7 keys for the return to school routine.

To conclude, we would like to remind you that, at Aecetia, we work to make the reconciliation of professional and personal life a reality in families.

That is why we have babysitting services in Seville, Malaga and Cadiz. These services are provided by professionals with specific training provided by the Persán Foundation. To offer you peace of mind knowing that your children are in good hands, we are here to help you!

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