Tips to get your house clean and organized before going back to routine

September is the best month to start over. To set new resolutions and get back to our routine full of energy. As we know, having everything ready to get back to the routine can be stressful. So here you have some tips to make the cleaning and organization of your house easier.

Moving to another house, general cleaning, making laundry after the holidays, organizing our belongings… Does it sound familiar to you? Cleaning and organizing our homes in September can be quite overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be.

That ‘s why from Aecetia we write these pieces of advice so you can clean and organize your house without living a nightmare. 

Tips for your general house cleaning

Sometimes we can make mistakes in the general organization and cleaning of your house or forget some spots. We bring you the way to have everything under control, with these tips, the house cleaning will be a simple task and you’ll get perfect results so that your family can enjoy getting back to the routine. 

Previous organization

The first thing you need to know is that every family member must participate in this task. The previous organization is key in the cleaning and organization process. If the family does this task together it’ll be fun, and most importantly, equitable. Don’t make all the work on your own!

It’s very important to make a list of the cleaning products that you’ll need and check if the towels, wipes, mop and other cleaning supplies are in good condition. You should get everything you need before getting the work done.

Once you have all the supplies you need, take all of them to the room that you want to clean, this way you won’t lose your time going to the kitchen to grab the product you need. To carry all the products, you can use a big bucket.

Make a checklist 

Think of all the tasks that you need to get done and make a checklist. Remember to include what you need to organize, what you have to clean and in what order you’ll do it. A simple checklist with the main points, will help you organize your work and you won’t forget anything.

As you complete a task from your checklist, don’t forget to mark them as done and start with the next one, this way you’ll have everything under control.

Get rid of the things you don’t use anymore

You sure have a lot of old items in every room of your house that you don’t have used in a long time. It’s time to get rid of all of them.

Separate the things you use from the things you don’t use anymore. Put the items that you don’t use in a box. If they are in a good condition and you think it can be useful for anyone else, you can donate it and help the people that need it.

Clean one room at a time

Experts recommend cleaning the rooms one by one and going from the top to the bottom. Start cleaning the ceiling, continue with walls and furniture and clean the floor at the end. This way, you’ll be faster and save time on your home cleaning.

Make an exhaustive cleaning: corners, lamps, ventilators… don’t forget the closets and the hidden areas. To reach the most difficult areas you can use a tiny brush to wipe off dust and dirt and then you can vacuum those areas.

To remove stubborn stains as the ones that appear on mattresses, you can read our post Step by step: How to remove stains from the mattress

Windows and doors

Don’t forget to include windows and doors on your home cleaning. The windows must be cleaned inside and outside, including blinds and bars, ending by the glasses. Here you have a post about window cleaning.

To clean the doors, start dusting and then use a damp cloth to remove dirt. Then, dry it with a towel so you leave no stains on the surface. Don’t forget to vacuum under the door.

Extra Tips to organize your home

In addition to the deep house cleaning, there are some tasks that you shouldn’t forget to have everything tidy and organized.


To achieve optimum results, you need to previously empty every closet and clean them with a damp cloth. After that, check that all the food you have is useful and get rid of the food that you can’t use anymore. Keep only the food you need and organizate it.


It’s time to go through your clothes and check if you need them. You’ll sure find clothes that you don’t wear anymore, get rid of them and make more space on your closet.

If you still need more room for your clothes, you can hang two or three clothes on the same hanger. You can also group a few hangers using a hook.

There are quite a few ways to organize your closet, in this post you can learn how to organize your closet with some interesting strategies.


To optimize your space, wrap your carpets, duvets, towels, etc., and make sure there’s no air left inside them. For those you want to store for a long time you can use a cloth bag so they don’t get damaged.

Those are all our tips to help you clean and organize your house before going back to routine. We hope they’ll help you!

Remember that you can count on our professionals if you don’t have time to clean your house by yourself. Contact us, we’ll be happy to help you and make your daily routine easier.

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