7 keys to return to the school routine

In most cases, family reconciliation is largely determined by your children’s school calendar, right? In this post, we give you some tips to help you face the return to the school routine after these months of uncertainty.

Despite being immersed in the heart of the de-escalation plan and without having finished this year’s school year, there are many parents who are already thinking about how the return to school will be next year.

This year, we can say that it has been led by online classes, homework sent through a platform instead of listed in the agendas, and new evaluation systems. New formats to which we have had to adapt quickly.

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How are we going to go back to school?

Although in Andalusia it has not yet been established how the return to school of children and young people will be, the counselor for Education and Sports of the Andalusian Government, Javier Imbroda, has spoken about it.

Javier wants to make clear that next September we will return to classes adopting all the hygienic-sanitary, protection and safety measures determined by the sanitary authorities.

He assures that they are working in various scenarios and that in none of them will a step be taken without following the hygienic sanitary measures dictated by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health.

Moreover, on May 27, the Resolution of the Territorial Delegation of Education, Sports, Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation was published, approving the School Calendar in non-University Centers for the next academic year.

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You can check here the school calendar for next academic year published by the Andalusian Government.

Calendar that largely marks the rhythm of families, since it includes the holidays of the smallest of the house and to which fathers and mothers must adapt.

It is important to always keep this calendar in mind, both in case you can take advantage of organizing a family getaway or to find someone responsible in advance who can take care of the children while you work.

Keys to return to the routine of schools

Although we do not know what exactly the new normality will be like within Andalusian schools, we do know the start dates and holiday.

On September 10, classes will resume the Second Cycle of Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and Special Education. And, on September 15, the students of Compulsory Secondary Education, Baccalaureate, Vocational Training Cycles, Artistic Teaching and Permanent Education will return.

That’s why at Aecetia we want to share with you some keys that will help you organize ahead of time and face in the best possible way the return to school.

1- Positive attitude and motivation

After spending so much time at home and after the summer holidays, your children will most likely not feel like going back to routine, getting up early and having to do homework in the afternoon.

For this reason, it is important that you have a positive attitude before returning to the routine. Talk with your kids about all the good things that come with the school, such as new plans and challenges, and that they will also see their friends again.

In addition, as parents you must set an example and return to work with optimism and motivation. Children will see the process less complicated and you will return to school more motivated and eager.

2.- Establish a routine and schedule in advance

It is necessary to establish a routine and some schedules at home, according to the classes before the course begins. In this way, resuming the routine will be less expensive.

It is normal for children to go to bed and get up late during summer. Therefore, they should be introduced to the new schedules little by little, so that when the first day of class arrives they do not see their sleep hours disrupted and they perform better.

3.- Take care of your diet and practice exercise

During the summer, we all eat more than usual and we don’t pay attention to our diet. With confinement many people have exceeded themselves, so it is very important to take care of your body before resuming the routine. This way, you will get back to school with the batteries charged and full of energy.

A balanced diet in carbohydrates, proteins and minerals will help the whole family to have the necessary nutrients that will mark your daily performance. In addition, it must be accompanied by routine exercise.

4.- Limit your leisure time little by little

Returning to the routine does not mean saying goodbye to all the leisure activities that take place during the summer. You just have to reduce them to be able to dedicate part of that time to homework and extracurricular activities.

We recommend you to start establishing new leisure hours from before so that the change is not so abrupt.

5.- Plan your extracurricular activities

During the summer, it is a good idea to plan with the children the extracurricular activities that they will want to sign up for next year. These, in addition to being very educational and enriching for the development of children, can serve as a motivation for them to return happily to school.

You must let children choose their favorite sport, otherwise they will not be motivated to go. In addition, it is not appropriate to sign them for too many activities, as it can cause stress by not leaving them enough time to play and rest.

6.- Organize school supplies in time

When buying school supplies for the next academic year, it is best to do it with time. Take advantage of free time during the summer to buy it. This way, you make sure you have all the books, notebooks, etc., in advance.

back to school material

In addition, you can also recycle old materials, which always end up back at the end of the course and accumulate at home. This will save on the costs of going back to school while also helping you reduce the dirt.

7-. Look for help

We all know that with back to school, extracurricular activities and work, it sometimes becomes impossible to combine all the tasks and duties in your daily life. Therefore, you should find a trustworthy person in advance or a specialized company that will help you when necessary.

At Aecetia, we offer both cleaning and housework services, as well as childcare. We are in Seville, Cádiz and Málaga to help you whenever you need it.

We hope that these keys will help you plan and return to the routine of schools next year in the best possible way. In addition, we recommend that you take a look at our post: 10 tips to save on back to school, with which to overcome the high cost of going back to school in September.

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