5 cultural activities you can do from home

This new reality is making us discover new ways of enjoying our free time from our homes. Thanks to digitalization, during this lockdown time we have been able to be really close to our loved ones, discover new places and do activities we have never tried before.

Without going outside, the lockdown has made us discover new activities that we can do from home, individually or with the family. Spending more time together, while spending time with ourselves … it’s not that bad, is it?

We don’t have to go out to have fun and learn, thanks to technology we can develop ourselves from home. Discover new places, knowing the history of an emblematic place or daydreaming while listening to a concert.

Even though we are now allowed to go out following the adequate measures to avoid the spread of the virus, we want to give you some cultural activities recommendations that we can do from home.

Participate in an online concert

During these days at home, so many artists have come together to offer concerts and festivals online in which their fans can still enjoy their music.

We have at our disposal tv shows, movies and now, also concerts in just one click.

On the “conciertos en casa” website, you can find an agenda with all the concerts that are held daily, the schedule and the channel or the social media profile through which you can see it.

Also, if you want, you can subscribe to their electronic agenda and receive the daily concert agenda in your email.

cultural activities online

Visit a museum online

Have you ever thought about visiting a museum from your house? Now, thanks to technology, we can do it! Enjoy a virtual visit to the best museums of the world without leaving your home. An activity of the most entertaining and enriching.

The Prado Museum itself has wanted to join the multitude of activities that have emerged during these days on social networks with an initiative called “El Prado Contigo”.

During all these days of confinement, they are broadcasting live daily from their instagram profile guided tours of the museum. In addition, once the transmission is finished, they upload the video to IGTV so that we can see it again.

Here is a list of some museums that you can visit for free without leaving your home:

  • El Museo del Prado. On their website, click on collection and you can visualize all their pictures and works of art.
  • Museo Hermitage. The most important museum in Russia and one of the most complete in the world.
  • British Museum. It is one of the most visited museums in the world. You can take an online tour through Google Arts and Culture
  • Metropolitan museum of NY. With a collection of more than 2 million works from around the world, we can also do an online visit around this Manhattan located museum.

Go to virtualmuseums.io and you can search for the museum that you want to visit and if they offer this virtual option, you can easily access it from there.

Do an Escape Room online

Escape Rooms are a game that consists of, from a locked room – ironic, right? – You have to solve puzzles with which to unravel a story

Escape the conventional with a digital Escape Room, on this website, you have different options with different themes that you can play as many times as you want, alone or with friends for only 2€.

cultural activities

See plays or live shows

The stage plays have also joined the #Stayathome movement with an initiative called “Teatro en Casa”. This way, large theater companies are offering plays online to entertain their audience from home.

There are many free alternatives to enjoy the performing arts. For example, from YouTube with options such as the Channel of the Ministry of Culture and Sports where recordings of complete plays are being uploaded.

In addition there are different video platforms like Teatroteca, that offers more than 1600 plays, in which you can also find options for kids.

On the other hand, we also have the opportunity to enjoy big performances like the ones of the Cirque du Soleil. They are uploading 60 min videos to their YouTube channel with the tag #CirqueConnectespecial

online library

An online visit to a library

In response to the growing demand for information and the development of various technologies, virtual libraries are being created. An excellent tool to spread knowledge. It works like a traditional library, but thanks to being on the internet, it doesn’t matter when and where you are.

We highlight the World Digital Library, created by the United States Library of Congress and UNESCO. It makes available to everyone, online, free and in a multilingual format, important fundamental materials from cultures around the world.

These are our recommendations for cultural activities that you can do online to entertain yourself from home.

But, if you get tired of digital media, you can always unleash your imagination and clear your mind with the ideas we give you in our post: Crafts at home for adults.

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