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Protocols and measures of hygiene during the “new normality”

In Aecetia we are professionals in the cleaning sector and we want to share with you all the measures that we are carrying out to guarantee the safety of our employees, at the same time that we tell you how you can ensure that you comply with the protocols to minimize contagions at home. In addition, we share a list of virucidal products recommended by the Government of Spain.

As you know, hygiene and cleaning are essential to void any kind of contagions. Paying attention to this is more important than ever since with the progress of the phases in the de-escalation process – and with it the reopening of certain shops and establishments – it is necessary to take extreme measures of hygiene and disinfection of spaces.

We are all receiving different videos and viral messages in our WhatsApp that recommend different ways of disinfection and cleaning products that we can use. But, is this always reliable? The answer is no.

We should be careful with the recommendations that we listen to, on several occasions there are combinations of products that could be even dangerous for your health.

In this article we want to break myths and provide you reliable information that gives you value. As you well know, we are professionals in the cleaning and hygiene of your home, your company, your tourist apartment, with a long history working in this.

If you want to get rid of your doubts about what measures you should follow at home, in your workplace, etc., we recommend that, as we do, you follow the hygienic measures for the prevention of infections established by the Ministry of Health.

Complying with these measures and indications is what allows us to continue working with all the guarantees, both for our clients and for our team. This way, we can continue helping you as usual in the tasks of cleaning the home and offices, accompanying the elderly or preparing tourist apartments, among other services.

Measures of our professionals

Professional cleaning services have always played a fundamental role in the daily life of homes, public spaces and businesses. In these times, the work of these professionals becomes even more important and this must be impeccable.

Therefore, all our workers have received specific training – both theoretical and practical – on the protocols to follow during the current state of the pandemic.

During the first weeks after declaring the state of alarm, the training was carried out through an internal information system, and to this day, all our professionals continue to receive online training, with updated information on what is being discovered about the virus.

This training is provided by the technical director of our prevention service, who is solving all the particular cases that can occur in any service.

During these training sessions, we cover all aspects: the protection of our workers, the protection of our clients, and the procedures to follow to achieve the correct cleaning and disinfection of spaces and belongings.

We always work to offer you an impeccable service and help you go back to normal in the easiest way possible.

Virucidal products authorized by the Ministry of Health

At Aecetia we remain informed of different drafts that are being prepared in terms of action protocols when carrying out the reopening and accommodation of spaces, as is the case of hotels and tourist apartments.  

It is necessary to extreme the hygiene measures and disinfection of the spaces using the proper products for it.

Because of this and due to the proliferation of products and treatments not tested on their effectiveness against the virus, we have chosen to stick exclusively to the products and procedures included in the list of virucides of the Ministry of Health.

Remember that in addition to the list of products that we expose on the following, bleach diluted in water is recommended by the WHO to apply it to different surfaces.

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Products to disinfect surfaces and air, ambiental use

In the document of the Ministry of Health we can find a wide list of products for professional personnel and for the general population.

Regarding the products for disinfection of surfaces for clinical use, you can find them from page 29 of the document: Virucidal products authorized in Spain. They can only be used by professional personnel and must be applied depending on the authorized uses and their labeling.

In addition, there are also product specifications for the disinfection of materials and equipment in contact with food / feed or food industry. You can see the list and how each product should be used, in table TP4 of the document: Virucidal products authorized in Spain.

Disinfecting products for human hygiene

In the document of the Ministry of Health (see here), there is also a list of recommended products for human hygiene, such as Sanytol Antiseptic Gel for Healthy Skin, Sterillium Med Antiseptic for Healthy Skin, Manorapid RFU Antiseptic for Healthy Skin or Aseptoman Antiseptic Solution For Healthy skin.

We suggest you to check this list regularly because they change frequently

In addition, if necessary, we remind you that in our post: Measures against the current situation: how you should wash your hands step by step. We teach you two formulas to make your own hand sanitizer following the steps of the WHO.  

We hope to have clarified which virucidal products are authorized by the Ministry of Health and who should use each of the,. At Aecetia, we are cleaning professionals and we are aware of the importance that this labour always has and now more than ever.

Therefore, we are a call or a WhatsApp message from you. We are at your disposal and we can also adapt to the particularities of the measures you want to implement.  

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