Professional cleaning during our current situation

Nowadays, the best way of avoiding the spread of the virus is keeping up with the hygiene guidelines. Professional cleaning services have a really important role in this.

In the article An x-ray of the current status of domestic workers in Spain we have already told you about how this sector works in Spain. One of the jobs most affected by precarious conditions, and increasingly demanded by families.

Despite not being one of the most recognized jobs. Cleaning is one of the most important and necessary activities that are carried out in our daily lives. At home, in your workplaces and in public spaces in order to avoid diseases.

For this reason and today more than ever before, we want to talk about the important role that these professionals have in our everyday life and thank them for their great hard work.

The importance of professional cleaning nowadays

Although it is true that these days we’ve been recognizing this work more and more, we must give it the importance it deserves 365 days a year. Well, it is cleaning that ensures we avoid the presence of bacteria, germs and viruses, which are always present.

During the current situation, one of the main problems is how easily the virus can spread through the secretions that we expel when coughing or sneezing. This means that the virus can stay on certain surfaces and objects, so cleaning and hygiene measures are especially important to prevent it from spreading.

It is here that professional cleaning companies and their workers are playing a key role in fighting the expansion of Covid-19. Thanks to them, many activities can continue to be carried out without jeopardizing the health of workers.

These professionals are who, working on the front line, clean and disinfect homes, jobs and public areas so that the rest of us can continue our lives with “normality”.

Tributes and applause for the cleaning staff

As we have mentioned, professional cleaning, although it is an important task every day of the year, is essential today. For this and for the great work that these professionals are doing, we must thank them on a daily basis.

Last 18th of April, the appearance of the Prime Minister was marked by the great applause received by Yolanda Díaz responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the parliament chamber after each intervention.

An applause that was addressed to all cleaning professionals to thank them for the great work they carry out. Thanks to them everything can flow with “normality”.

Applause and thank you messages also arrive at hospitals.

The same health personnel, whom we all applaud every afternoon at 8:00 p.m. to thank them for their struggle, have wanted to also convey all these encouragements to the cleaning staff.

Staff who we do not always have in mind, but who also fight on the front line to end this situation as soon as possible.

They play a fundamental role inside the hospitals. Thanks to them, healthcare personnel can keep working as usual and they prevent infections from proliferating in these crowded spaces. 

Aecetia wants to give the importance that the work of the cleaning staff has, always and now more than ever before. They work in the front line and we want to share our thanks to all the professionals in this sector.

Especially to our team. That, following all the sanitary guidelines, continue to work hard in cleaning and disinfecting your homes and businesses. Because we know that if we fight together, we will return to normal very soon.

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