Crafts at home for adults

Do you need to disconnect and don’t know how to do it? We give you some ideas of craft projects for adults that will help clear your mind and have fun at home during the lockdown.

During these days, we’ve been giving ideas to enjoy your time at home in our blog including activities to do with your family. But we know that there are times when you also need to disconnect, have your own space and dedicate time to yourself. 

That’s why today we bring you some craft ideas that you can do at home. As Milbby says, biggest craft shop in Spain, #creativityisalsoathome.

Disconnect drawing mandalas

During these days of being at home, in which we cannot go outside to disconnect from our routine, painting mandalas can be one of the best options to release stress, disconnect your mind and focus on yourself.

crafts for adults

You will focus your mind on choosing and combining colors so that your mandala, a drawing with geometric figures, looks beautiful. You can forget about everything for a while and relax while stimulating your creativity.

Also, mandalas have really pretty shapes. If you like the result, you can frame it and use it to decorate your home.

Crafts for adults with recycled materials

We are trying to leave our house as little as possible, so non-perishable products predominate in our shopping list. Many of them come bottled in glass jars or other kinds of plastic. 

  We propose a great idea to give a new life to these jars and bottles. Make decorative vases and vases! You will be able to entertain, recycle and help the planet while giving a personal and spring-ish touch to your home.

It’s really easy, you only have to clean the bottles and take off the stickers with hot water and alcohol. Once you have the clean container, decorate it!

Unleash your imagination with all the materials you have at home; stickers, cords, colored threads, pieces of fabric … fill it with water and put flowers inside to bring the spring into your home.

Did you like this idea of creating decorative elements with recycled glass bottles? In our post: Recycling bottles and decorating your house with them we’ll tell you how to make lamps, candles, flower pots or simple ideas to personalize your bottles.

make origami

A perfect activity to entertain yourself at home with materials that you already have, you only need paper to do origami. It consists of making paper figurines only by folding it. Without using scissors, glue or any other material.

Test your skills while disconnecting and fighting stress. In addition to improving and developing imagination and patience. Including this activity in your day-to-day time will help you face confinement more calmly.

crafts for adults

On you can find the step by step of all the figures you can even imagine and learn this art easily.

From Aecetia we hope you enjoy making these crafts and above all, that they help you to cope with these days in the best way.     


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