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How to organize your household chores without losing your mind

Do you argue everyday about who should be in charge of each chore? Do you end up doing it yourself so you avoid any further discussion? We have the ultimate solution to organize your household chores without losing your mind and making everybody happy at home.

Even if we are now spending more time at home and we may have a little bit more free time, we are not on vacation and our household chores are more essential than ever. In this post, we give you practical tips to organize your chores so that the whole family is satisfied.

Make a planning to organize your household chores

The first thing you should do in order to distribute the household chores equally is to be clear about which tasks must be carried out and how often to keep the house clean and tidy.

Make a list with all your chores and organize them by frequency, if they are daily tasks like ventilating the house, making the beds, setting the table or doing the dishes; weekly chores like changing sheets, scrubbing, dust cleaning, or ironing. And, less frequent but also important tasks such as cleaning sofas, windows or organizing closets.

household chores

It’s essential to establish a frequency. Only this way you will avoid the accumulation of tasks and having to spend a full day cleaning the house.

Distribute the household chores according to time and responsibility

Now that you have all your chores organized by frequency it’s time to take note of the total of hours that you have to invest in doing them and distribute it within your family members.

In order to do it in an equitable way, it is necessary to take into account the external responsibilities of each one, the individual capacities and the free time available. This way, the hours that each member should dedicate to the home will be established and the tasks will be distributed fairly evenly.

Once you have established the available time, the first thing we recommend to make this distribution more effective is letting each person choose which one they like the most.

If no one else has chosen the same task, it is established for that person. In case it is chosen by several members, they can alternate one month each. Your household chores will be distributed according to everyone’s liking, and will be carried out more easily.

household chores

Finally, the tasks that have not been chosen by anyone will be distributed randomly but taking into account the time available for each one.

The little ones also collaborate!

Despite having more free time, you cannot assign yourself all the household chores or perform those that your children used to do. It is the perfect time for them to learn how tasks are done and to collaborate with each other.

All children should have a participatory role in carrying out household chores, and they should vary according to their growth and abilities.

In our post Which tasks should the kids have at home?, we explain how they should be assuming different responsibilities progressively, according to their age and the benefits that parents can get from doing it.

household chores kids

Apps that help you organize the household chores

Dividing household chores is fine, but if we don’t write it down, they can be forgotten. For this reason, we bring you three applications with which you can put together all the tasks that must be done at home, how often and who is responsible for each of them.

Clean House

Clean House is an app designed to keep your house clean and tidy everyday. You can establish tasks with repetition and reminder notifications sent straight to your phone

Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer it’s an app that will help you organize and divide your chores. In addition, you can create shopping lists, save recipes and use it daily from different devices.


OurHome is a really easy way of organizing your family chores. It’s made though a calendar that will let you coordinate with every person at home. It allows you to motivate your children by giving them rewards.

The main features of OurHome are:

  • Assigning and scheduling tasks
  • Motivate children with rewards and goals
  • See personal progress and development of activities
  • Set events on the family calendar
  • Send messages and create reminders

So here you have all our tips to organize and distribute household chores. Take advantage of these days at home so that the whole family is involved in the care and maintenance of the home.

This way, you all will have more free time to do more activities with your family

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