5 fantastic ideas to paint your rooms

Our home is one of the places where we spend time during our life. That’s actually why it is really important that you feel comfortable there.  Do you want your rooms to match your personality? Let’s start by painting your rooms according to what you want them to convey!

During the current situation we are all staying at home, we have that extra time to do home renovations, changing your rooms deco and painting. Fall in love with your own space with these amazing ideas to paint your rooms!

Your decoration is usually a reflection of who you are. It is vitally important how and which colour do you use to paint your walls. Each colour conveys different feelings and emotions.

The first thing you should do is think about what you want each of your home spaces to convey and to make sure that you choose the correct colour for it. 

Get space and light

Do you want to get a feeling of spaciousness in one room? Do you want it to be brighter?

You can make your home look bigger and brighter if you use the right shades. 

The main thing is that the predominant colour is white. Specially in spaces with less natural light, this will help the light to reflect and multiply. In addition, white is a colour that never goes out and can be combined with almost everything. 

Ideas to paint your room

If you are not a white colour fan or if you want to use several shades, we recommend you to combine it with light shades, beige or pastel ones and at least, painting your ceiling with white. With this trick you will gain height, you just need to paint it with white or slightly lighter shades than the walls.

Each room one colour

Painting each room with one colour is a fun way of decorating your rooms. Moreover, each room has a different use and it has to evoke different feelings depending on what you are going to use it for.

While the bedroom must have a relaxed atmosphere to sleep and disconnect, your workspace should be more stimulating and motivating. You can use the colour green, it will relax you and stimulate your mental activity at the same time.

What if you use wallpaper?

Wallpaper is a very simple option with which you can get an original touch to your rooms. For example, you can paint the walls in one shade and add patterned wallpaper on one of them.

It’s really useful if you want to give a new life to some of your furniture or if you want to renovate their appearance without painting them.

You can also use wallpaper to cover your bed headboard so that it matches your new room shades or even use it on your wardrobe doors.

It’s time for creativity

If you are feeling bold we recommend you to unleash your creativity and encourage yourself to paint some of your walls with your own forms and drawings.

Drawing is not one of your best abilities? Don’t worry, you can use rollers with shapes or templates. These tools are really easy to use and you will get great results.

Ideas to paint your room

Best tips to paint your rooms

Make your room wider

You can make a room appear wider by painting the back wall a shade darker than the side walls.

Painting kitchens and bathrooms

If you have to paint your bathroom or your kitchen it’s advisable to use synthetic paint, which is the most endurable.

Painting with different finishes

When buying the paint, in addition to taking note of the endurability, smell or drying time, you must pay attention to the kind of finishing that you wish: matte, satin or glossy.

Rooms for kids

For the little ones it’s better to use white or light shades to create a relaxed atmosphere, they lose focus really easily and using shades too flashy could reduce their attention when studying or activate them when it’s bedtime.

Ideas to paint your room

So here you have many great ideas to paint your rooms and redesign your home. Who said that staying at home was boring? #Stayathome

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