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Activities to do as a family without leaving home

Don’t you know what to do to entertain the little ones in the house? It is normal for them to be nervous when they cannot go out to play. But do not despair, we give you some ideas for activities that you can do as a family without leaving home and having an incredible time together.

Due to the current situation generated by the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus and the state of alarm decreed by the government to solve it as soon as possible, we must stay home to avoid the spread of the virus and leave only when strictly necessary.

It is important that we are responsible and follow the recommendations that both the government and the Ministry of Health promote to win this battle together. Among them, properly wash your hands with soap and water as explained in this article following the WHO guidelines.

We are not used to spending so many days in a row without leaving home and it can be difficult. Especially for the little ones who need to be constantly distracted. Today, we want to give you some fun ideas to do as a family without having to leave home.

Family crafts

A perfect plan to spend the afternoon with the family: do crafts together! An activity that entertains the youngest and oldest of the house.

family activities

Gather all the materials you have, cardboard, paint, toilet paper rolls… everything you can find and… Let’s give free rein to creativity!

You can create toys with recycled materials. It greatly enhances the imagination of children and makes them gain autonomy. In addition, they will value them much more by having made them with their own hands.

Do you need any ideas? In our post: Tricks for children to make their own toys we tell you how to make a foosball table and a bowling game with recycled materials.

Costume party

A plan of the most fun and with which you will laugh a lot? A costume party! And you don’t need to buy any costumes. The idea is that with what you find at home you will all dress up as something you like.

You can make it more interesting and allow for example an hour for each one to make their own costume. Afterwards, you can vote among all and choose the favorite or, try to guess what each of you have dressed up as. Surely you spend an afternoon laughing!

Junior Masterchef at home

What if you cook as a family? Surely you have just thought about how the kitchen can end after preparing the food all together. Surely upside down but, in addition to being a lot of fun, cooking with children is good for them to know better what they eat and to give them a higher level of responsibility.

family activities

In our post Ideas for your children to learn in the kitchen, we tell you the ingredients you need and the steps you have to follow to prepare chicken fingers and meat dumplings together. Two easy recipes to start the little ones in the kitchen and that usually appeal to all children.

Spring decoration

It is time to welcome spring! And… how can we not go out, why not bring the spring atmosphere home? Now that you have more free time, you can redecorate your home together.

The most important thing is to get more natural light into the house. This helps to improve the mood and gives more joy and vitality to all corners of the home.

In addition, you can also create decoration elements with recycled materials, change the photos of the frames, decorate a wall with photos or change the distribution of the furniture.

So far, some ideas to do as a family without leaving home with which to make these days as entertaining and fun as possible.

However, we know that you also need time for yourself and to disconnect. Therefore, here we leave you another post with 5 crafts for adults that will help you relax at home at the end of the day.

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