coronavirus in spain

Actions against coronavirus: how you should wash your hands step by step

One of the main measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus is to wash your hands correctly. We teach you how to do it step by step according to WHO recommendations, and how to create homemade hand sanitizer.

The best option is to do it with soap and water, and it is useless to do it only with water. In addition, for hand washing to be effective and protect against infections such as coronavirus, it must be done thoroughly. Here, we show you step by step how it is done according to the WHO (World Health Organization).

How you should wash your hands to protect yourself from the coronavirus

According to the WHO, the process of washing your hands should last between 40-60 seconds and use a sufficient amount of soap to cover the entire surface of the hands.

You have to clean yourself well all over the surface. To do this, start by rubbing your palms together and continue rubbing the palm of one of your hands against the back of the other and vice versa.

Then, rub the palm of your hands together again, but with your fingers interlaced, and then rub the back of the fingers of one hand with the palm of the other while grasping the fingers.

At this point, they should only be missing by cleaning the tips of the fingers and thumb. To do this, grasp the thumb with the opposite hand and rub by rotating it. Subsequently, continue rubbing the tips of the fingers with the palm of the opposite hand.

To finish, rinse your hands well with water and dry them with a disposable towel. Here, a video from the Ministry of Health showing how it is done.

How to make your own hand sanitizer

Although it is best to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, for those moments when it is not possible, we can also prevent the spread of the coronavirus using hand sanitizer. Of course, to be effective it must have at least 60% alcohol.

Following the WHO instructions, we want to teach you two formulas to make homemade hand sanitizer.

coronavirus in spain

Hand sanitizer: Formula 1

The first formula that the WHO explains to create hand sanitizer is based on ethanol. The measures are set for 10 liters but, as we know it is too much, we have reduced the quantities to make 1 liter of the product.

In this way, in a container for this capacity, add about 830 ml of 96% ethanol, 40 ml of hydrogen peroxide, 15 ml of 98% glycerol and the remaining capacity until the one-liter container is filled with distilled water.

Hand sanitizer: Formula 2

On the other hand, we have a formula to make isopropyl alcohol-based hand sanitizer. The rest of the ingredients are the same, but the ethanol is exchanged for alcohol and the quantities of the products.

In the same way, in a container with a capacity of one liter, fill ¾ with isopropyl alcohol and then 40 ml of hydrogen peroxide, 15 ml of 98% glycerol and the rest of distilled water.

To create the disinfectant, you just have to add the ingredients in the container one by one and, stir until the mixture has a thick and gelatinous consistency thanks to the glycerol.

Now, you know how to maintain the hygiene of your hands correctly. Be consistent, follow these steps frequently, and avoid putting your hands into your mouth.

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