How to remove stains on white clothes

Are you afraid to wear that white shirt that you like so much for fear of staining it? It is true that white clothes get dirty very easily and then it is difficult to clean. Do not worry! Today we give you some infallible tricks to remove stains on white clothes.

To properly wash white clothes whether or not they have difficult stains, it is important that you separate them from clothes of other shades and that the washing machine is clean. If not, when you remove your laundry you may find new spots that were not there before or faded clothes.

Here are some tricks to remove difficult stains from your typical everyday clothes, as well as those that appear over time as the hateful yellowish stains. Let’s do it!

How to remove stains on white clothes

With sodium bicarbonate

A very useful and simple trick to remove stains from white clothing is to apply a little baking soda and a few drops of water on it. Let it act for 15 minutes and then, with the help of a cloth, rub the stain, you will see how it disappears.

With lemon juice

This product is really useful when the garment is delicate and you are going to wash it by hand. Apply a little lemon juice on the stain and leave it to act for 10 minutes. Then immerse the garment in warm water and gently rub the affected area until you can remove the stain. Finally, wash the garment normally.

stains on white clothes

You can also use lemon juice for stains caused by humidity. Follow the same process as before but adding coarse cooking salt to the stain before rubbing.

With white vinegar

White vinegar is very useful for removing stains thanks to its degreasing properties and also helps to enhance the whiteness of your clothes. You just have to add half a cup of vinegar when you go to put the washing machine and you will see that the stains come out more easily.

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How to remove oily stains on white clothes

First of all you should know that if you get oil or grease stains on any garment, it is best to act immediately and not leave it for the laundry. In this way, the oil will dry out and it will be much more difficult to remove.

Act as quickly as you discover the stain and don’t use water as you can spread it making it worse. What you should do is press on the affected area without rubbing with kitchen paper so that it absorbs as much oil as possible.

Then, with the help of white chalk, gently rub on the stain without leaving the affected area so that it absorbs the grease that could not be removed with the paper. If you do not have it, you can use talcum powder in its absence and leave it to act overnight. Now, wash it as usual and you will see that the stain has disappeared.

It seemed impossible to remove, right? If you have been amazed with the ease of this trick, in this specific post on removing oil stains with homemade products, we will tell you many more!

stains on white clothes

How to remove yellowish or sweat stains on white clothes

With the passage of time, one of the most frequent problems of white clothing is that yellowish spots begin to appear in the armpit area. They usually appear due to sweat and once they arrive they are not removed when washing clothes.

To remove these stains from white clothes, you just have to make a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice until you get a consistent mixture. Then, with the help of a damp cloth, rub on the stain and leave the product to act for 10 minutes to take effect.

After time passes, rinse the garment to see if it has been completely removed. If the result was positive, you can wash it normally and, if it is still a little yellow, you just have to repeat the process once more.

So far, our tricks to remove stains on white clothes, if you want to discover more tips with which to remove difficult stains. We also tell you how to do it in colored clothing with 6 infallible tricks!

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