how to remove silicone

4 tricks to remove silicone easily

Have you been doing DIY tasks at home? So, you may have used silicone. If your clothes have been affected or you have simply applied more than the account and want to remove the excesses, do not worry. Here we give you 4 tricks to remove silicone easily.

When doing DIY tasks at home it is quite normal to use silicone, it is easy to use and quite resistant. The problem is, that in many occasions the clothes and even the area where you have worked may be affected, due to applying more than the account.

It is important to remove these remains, they do not look aesthetically and also, they will end up getting dirty quickly because they are on the surface.

How to clean silicone?

You may not want to remove excess silicone but simply seek to clean it because over time it looks dirty. In that case, you just have to rub it with a cloth soaked in bleach. It is very effective and does not take off.

How to remove silicone from clothes

When it comes to homework, you should use clothes that you no longer use for what might happen. Anyway, if it has stained silicone do not worry, we teach you how to remove it.

How to remove silicone from clothes with iron and paper

A trick to remove silicone from your stained garments is with the clothes iron and toilet paper. You just have to place the paper on the area where the silicone has fallen and pass the hot plate at medium temperature over the affected area.

You must do it for 30 seconds and then, the silicone will have gone from being stuck in the clothes to being on the paper. If there are still traces, repeat the process again until it has been completely removed.

how to remove silicone

How to remove silicone from clothes with acetone and ether

You can remove the silicone that has stuck to your clothes by rubbing the stain with a cloth dampened in a mixture of acetone and ether in equal parts. This trick is very effective, but it does not work for all clothes. If the affected garment is very delicate, we recommend that you use the above advice better.

Also, use one trick or another, if the silicone is still wet, we recommend that you remove the excess with a paper. Without extending the product.

How to remove silicone from smooth surfaces

It is possible that when applying the silicone you have thrown more amount of the account or it has excelled by areas where it should not. In this case, if the surface is smooth and resistant, you can remove these excesses with a blade to clean the ceramic hob.

Gently scratch the silicone debris and carefully lift it from the bottom up. It is a very simple method, but you should keep in mind that it must be applied on resistant surfaces such as the ceiling, tiles or countertop.

how to remove silicone

However, if you do not want to take a risk, you can remove the first layer of silicone by scratching and then apply the trick that we will explain below.

How to remove silicone on delicate surfaces

There are some surfaces more delicate or easy to scratch materials; where scratching with the blade is counterproductive because it can damage the surface or scratch it.

In these cases, we recommend that you use a mixture of acetone and solvent or ether. To carry out this trick, you just have to mix the two products in equal parts and, with the help of a cloth, rub the surface until the silicone disappears.

Now, stains on clothes or applying more silicone from the account when getting down to work will no longer be a problem with these simple tricks to easily remove silicone.

And you, do you know more tricks? Share them with us to reach more people. From Aecetia, we seek to make everyday life easier for families always looking for their economy.

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