clean bathroom tiles

How to clean the bathroom tiles

Do the lime and soap stains that appear in the bathroom bring you upside down? If you answered yes, do not worry. Today we tell you how to clean the bathroom tiles so that they are impeccable and with products that you surely have at home.

Lime, rust and soap stains are quite common in bathroom tiles. In fact, they usually appear quite quickly and this often causes us to leave this task for another time.

The problem, apart from the aesthetics because we all like to have an impeccable bathroom, is that if we do not take care of the hygiene and carry out a routine cleaning of this room, the unpleasant fungi of the joints of the tiles can appear: the mold.

Therefore, today we explain how to clean the bathroom tiles so that they always remain impeccable and thus also prevent the appearance of mold.

Useful tips for cleaning bathroom tiles

First of all, before commenting on the products with which to clean the bathroom tiles, surely you are interested in these two tips to make the process even easier:

1. – The best time to clean them is after using the shower. This is because with moisture, dirt softens and is much easier to remove.

2. – An old toothbrush is your great ally to clean the joints. And, using it you will be able to reach any corner thanks to the filaments of its bristles. Also, if you rub with toothpaste, you will make the joints white as the first day.

Clean the bathroom tiles with vinegar

Yes, one of the best products to clean bathroom tiles is vinegar. Well, for this and much more because it is a great multipurpose in household cleaning. In fact, it is also very effective for cleaning kitchen tiles thanks to its degreasing power.

The process is very easy, you just have to mix the vinegar with warm water and rub the tiles with a sponge previously immersed in the mixture. Then, once the stains and lime marks are removed, you just have to rinse with water and dry thoroughly with a dry cloth.

clean bathroom tiles

Clean the bathroom tiles with baking soda

Another multi-purpose product for cleaning the home and with which you will achieve great results when cleaning the bathroom tiles is baking soda. In fact, it is very effective in removing and preventing shower mold.

First, you have to prepare a mixture of half a cup of baking soda, ¼ of hydrogen peroxide and 10 ml of neutral liquid soap, approximate size of a tablespoon.

Once ready, with the help of a sponge or cloth apply it to the tiles and leave it on for 10-15 minutes to facilitate the removal of dirt. Then, with the previously rinsed sponge, remove the mixture and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Although it may take a little longer to clean the bathroom tiles this way, this mixture is a two in one. Baking soda removes even the most difficult stains and hydrogen peroxide helps bleach the joints.

clean bathroom tiles

Now, you know two new ways with which to leave the bathroom tiles impeccable and without having to devote great efforts. However, the lack of time can in many cases cause these tasks to be left in the background.

Do not let this happen and affect the hygiene of what should be one of the cleanest areas of the home with the help of our cleaning services whenever you need it. At Aecetia, we are delighted to be able to make your everyday life a little easier!

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