overcome January costs

5 steps to overcome the January slope

With the start of the year, the dreaded January slope also comes. Do not worry! Today we bring you 5 steps to overcome it; there are no more excuses to fulfill all your New Year’s resolutions!

With the beginning of the year and leaving the Christmas holidays behind, the reality of the month of January comes and it is time to assume certain expenses. Some invoices, which in many cases become more complicated of the account. Therefore, today we tell you 5 steps to overcome the January slope. Or at least, don’t be so steep!


Without a doubt, the first step to be able to overcome the January slope is to plan the income and expenses planned for this month at home. A month where on many occasions the Christmas shopping is still present.

Therefore, it is important that you reflect both fixed expenses: invoices, insurance, rent and all those that are predictable and routine, such as those that, being realistic, know that you will have to assume as last-minute gifts, events and meals.

In this way, with your list of income and expenses you will know how much budget you have to spend on other things and, especially without taking a scare at the end of the month.

overcome January costs

Know how to prioritize

Surely after carrying out the first step to overcome the January slope and being planned with your list of expenses and income in front you have realized that there are too many expenses and that surely not all are essential.

Therefore, the time has come to prioritize those that are most important and leave for another time those who can wait.

overcome January costs

Compare prices

A good way to save is by comparing prices. First of all for fixed expenses, such as the gym fee, car insurance, mobile line… Expenses that have to be borne every month and, which end up assuming a large outlay.

In addition, you can also look for the best price of the rest of planned purchases, since you have already established what the expenses are and priority purchases for this month.

Sales and discounts

The month of January is also known for being a period of discounts and discounts, but… Do they really mean savings for your pockets or do you end up spending more? The answer is that it depends on how you organize.

The sales are a good way to save as long as you buy what is necessary. For this reason, it is also very important here to plan in advance what is really needed. Because… Who has not bought something simply because it was very economical?

If you get carried away by discounts, in the end, you will end up spending more money from the account and on things that are really not necessary. Ideally, make a list of everything that is needed or you know that it will be necessary soon to be able to acquire it in advance with an additional discount.

overcome January costs

Save at home

Believe it or not, the sum of small practices to reduce household consumption at the end of the month can lead to great savings on bills. Something which; in January is a great help. In addition, if you start to apply them, you can use what you save throughout the year to overcome the January slope of the following year.

One way to save at home is to reduce the consumption of electricity; to do this, it is important to keep the lights off when it is not necessary, unplug the appliances when they are not being used, use energy-saving light bulbs, etc.

The saving in the water bill can also be a relief for the family economy in the month of January. Therefore, we recommend this article with tricks to reduce your water consumption at home.

You already know the 5 key steps that will make you overcome the January slope with a good footing and start carrying out some habits that will help you save. What do you think? In addition, as in Aecetia we know how difficult it is to combine work and family life; we offer bonuses and discounts to both regular customers and new customers. Until next week!

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