ideas to decorate at Christmas

Original ideas to decorate your home this Christmas

Some of the most magical dates of the year arrive, and everything must be ready for the occasion … How? What do you still not have the house decorated? You still have time! Today we bring you some original ideas to decorate your home this Christmas.

One of the greatest customs at this time of year is to decorate the house for the arrival of Christmas. Although it seems that this decoration is always the same, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Reflect your personality with these original ideas!

Original ideas to decorate the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is one of the key parts in Christmas decoration and cannot be missing at home. Therefore, we give you some very creative options with photos that also work for smaller spaces.

Christmas tree with photos

On these familiar dates, it is quite usual to receive more visits than usual at home. For that reason, what better time than this to show all your favorite photos?

Use them as ornaments for the Christmas tree and hang them so that they are visible to everyone! Select your favorite photos; print them and place them on your tree together with your usual ornaments to get a very original touch on your tree.

To place them on the branches, you can make a small hole in the upper central part of the photo and pass a beautiful rope with which to make the loop to hang them or, if you do not want to spoil them, you can use some small wooden tweezers and start filling the branches giving your own Christmas touch to the tree.

ideas to decorate at Christmas

Christmas tree of photos

If you do not have large spaces to place a Christmas tree, we have the most practical and original solution for you to assemble and be able to place the gifts underneath.

A Christmas tree on the wall, made with photos!

Choose your favorite photos, print them and paste them on the wall forming the shape of a tree. You can print them in color to give joy and light to your home or in black and white if you prefer to get a nostalgic touch.

To shape the tree, you just have to make rows with the photos one below the other and add one or two more photos in each lower row. Then, add a star at the top and some lights surrounding it. You dare?

ideas to decorate at Christmas
pinterest picture

Christmas tree with expanded polystyrene balls

If you are one of those who prefer a Christmas tree decorated with balls and garlands but, you want to add an original touch, we have the solution! You can create them yourself with expanded polystyrene balls of different sizes and decorate them with the materials you like best.

One option is with sequins and pins. You just have to fill the entire surface of sequins and insert the pin in the center so that they are secured. It is true that it is a craft that takes time but at the end, there will be a beautiful tree balls and above all, very original.

Another way to create more discreet Christmas balls is with newspaper. You just have to cut newspaper pages into pieces and, with glue, stick them all over the surface of the ball. If you want to add a touch of shine, you can add a little glitter before they dry.

Original ideas to decorate empty corners

Sometimes, once assembled the Christmas tree and the portal of Bethlehem, the question arises: and now, what else can I decorate? It is time to give life to those empty corners to create Christmas spaces.

ideas to decorate at Christmas

Take advantage of corners that are not used to decorate your rooms and without being overloaded. You can use the windowsill of a window or the surface of a shelf or furniture that is not occupied to create a small Christmas space.

Decorative candles, pineapples with glitter, a bowl with Christmas balls, garlands… Unleash your imagination and create magical spaces. If you want, you can get some ideas from these 6 decoration stores online to be up to date.

Original ideas to decorate the entrance

The Christmas atmosphere must be present since you enter the house. Thus, decorating the entire entrance area well will make your guests, friends and family get involved in a Christmas atmosphere upon arrival.

What is more Christmas and original than a Christmas wreath made by yourself? The first step is to decorate the door; but, to prevent you from using the classic berry and holly or ball wreaths, we are going to show you how you can create one yourself.

Buy a cork or porexpan base and give it a wreath shape to use as a base, so you can make it the size you want. Once you have the stand, you can decorate the Christmas wreath to your liking.

ideas to decorate at Christmas

You can place garlands of the same tones as the rest of the decoration of your house surrounding the base and paste some Christmas tree balls to create a bright Christmas wreath.

However, if you prefer a more discreet wreath, you can use a burlap cloth to surround the entire base and, in one corner, add some pineapples painted by yourself. In this way, you will create an elegant and simple but very original wreath.

ideas to decorate at Christmas

We hope you liked these original ideas to decorate your home this Christmas in a different and creative way. Tell us how they have been if you decide to carry them out and, if you want; you can also make your gifts of Wise Men by hand.

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