how to remove stains from marble

How to remove stains from marble

Marble is a very delicate material and used in many rooms of the home. If you also despair every time it gets stained because you don’t know how to clean it, don’t worry anymore. Today we explain how to remove stains from marble easily and safely.

We already know that for each type of stain there is a different trick and even more so if we talk about the delicate and porous marble, which absorbs stains with impressive ease.

Discover how to remove stains from marble in the kitchen, bathroom or floor in general, with these tricks.

How to remove stains from marble on the floor

To clean a marble floor, the first thing you should do is sweep the entire surface to remove any dust, food or other. This will prevent it from moving from side to side when scrubbing and you will get better results.

Once finished, you can scrub your marble floor with a mixture of water, a little alcohol, 4 tablespoons of baking soda and liquid neutral soap.

But what about the spots? If while you pass the mop you notice that there are stains that resist the mixture, you can use a cloth dampened in warm water and alcohol and rub manually, sure they disappear after this.

How to remove stains from marble on the countertop

Marble countertops are one of the most used in the kitchen because they are very resistant and beautiful at the same time. But do you know how to clean them?

Because it is one of the most used areas in the house and its porosity causes liquids to be absorbed quite quickly, it is important to have a constant cleaning and know how to clean the stains on this surface.

Daily cleaning

For daily cleaning after preparing the meal, it is recommended to pass a cloth dampened in water with neutral liquid soap. Then rinse and dry as usual.

Common spots

Being constantly handling food and liquids on the countertop, it is normal that rust spots, juices, coffee, etc. can originate. To remove this type of stains, it is best to mix some pure hydrogen peroxide with water and, with the help of a cloth rub on the stain.

how to remove stains from marble

If your countertop is dark, we recommend that you first try only with water and neutral soap to prevent wear. And, if it is not eliminated, you could use hydrogen peroxide without leaving it in contact with the marble for a long time.

Grease stains

Due to the delicacy of marble, in order to eliminate this type of stains effectively, it is best to use a specific product for this material that is not too strong. However, we recommend applying a little flour on the stained surface if it is still wet to absorb as much as possible.

How to remove stains from marble in the bathroom

In bathrooms, a type of marble known as travertine is often used. The problem in these areas is usually humidity and the appearance of mold, as well as the accumulation of soap residue in the joints.

Therefore, the cleaning of this area must be done with an old toothbrush to remove all these remains from the corners. To do this, you just have to make a mixture of alcohol and warm water and apply it by rubbing with the brush.

Once the joints are completely clean, you can already clean the entire surface with a cloth dampened with water and neutral soap and then rinse with water. Impeccable!

Now, you know how to clean the marble stains according to the area of ​​the house and the most common stains of these. Remember that this type of material is very delicate and must be cleaned in a very special way, as it could be damaged forever.

If you need help, you can always count on our team of home cleaning professionals whenever you need it. Until next week!

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