how to clean suede boots

How to clean suede boots

Now that we are in the middle of changing closet season… Have you also found your favorite suede boots but they have spots? We know that getting rid of them is not an option, so today we explain how to clean them to make them look like new.

The suede is a very delicate material and many times we hesitate to use it for fear of staining and spoiling it without the possibility of fixing. Therefore, so you can use your pair of favorite suede boots whenever you want and without fear of an accident, here are the steps you need to follow to clean them.

Step 1: brushing

The first thing to do when you go to clean your suede boots is to pass them a shoe brush. In this way, you will eliminate dust and dirt that may have accumulated.

The process is simple; you just have to keep in mind that the boots are dry so as not to spread any possible stain. Then, with the brush in the same direction to remove dirt.

Don’t you have a specific shoe brush at home? Don’t worry, you can use a toothbrush. Of course, it must be soft bristles so that the suede does not scratch.

how to clean suede boots

Step 2: remove stains

Once you have removed the excess dirt, you can clean the stains that have damaged your suede boots. To do this, depending on what they are, you must use one technique or another.

Stains by stomping or chafing

Undoubtedly the most common, it is inevitable that with the use appear stains by stomps and scratches. The way of walking of each one, just as it can cause the soles to wear, can cause the appearance of chafing on the inside of the heels.

For this type of stain, it is best to use an eraser. We recommend that you use one of the same color as your boots and clean the rubs and stomps until they soften. Once you’re done, brush your boots again to remove the rubber debris and voila!

Usual spots

It may happen that the boots are stained without you noticing and do not really know what they are. For these cases, it is best to try to eliminate them with water and neutral soap.

In a bowl, mix a little warm water with neutral soap and, with the help of a cloth, clean the surface of the boot. Remember to always do it in the same direction and with the drained cloth to avoid possible moisture stains due to excess water.

Grease stains

In these cases, the first thing you should keep in mind is how recent the stain is.

If luckily the stain is recent and still wet, you can remove it or at least reduce it with talcum powder. To do this, spread a generous amount of talc over the stain and let it act.

After 10 minutes, when the talcum powder is dry and the grease has been absorbed, brush the boots to remove the remains of dust and clean them normally with water and neutral soap.

On the other hand, if the stain is a long time ago you will have to use water and ammonia. Mix in a glass three parts of water with one of ammonia and, with a toothbrush (remember to be soft bristles), rub the stain.

Once you get rid of it, rub the entire shoe with water and neutral soap again to avoid marks and let it dry in a place where it is not exposed to sunlight or direct heat. Then, rub with a clean and dry brush. They will be like new!

how to clean suede boots

Step 3: maintenance

If you want your suede boots to stay clean for longer and be better preserved, in addition to cleaning them from time to time you should take into account some specific care.

Routine brushing

One way to prevent dirt from accumulating and having them always in better condition is by brushing them after use or, at least every so often.

Waterproof them

Before first use, and/or, after using them it is good to apply a waterproof spray to repel them from liquids and avoid stains.

So far, some tips to clean your suede boots and keep them in good condition for much longer. You no longer have to store them for special occasions… You have to wear them!

Also, remember that we can help you with daily household chores such as changing closet 😉

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