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How much does a babysitter cost in Seville?

Is your work schedule incompatible with your child’s schedules? Do you feel you are missing hours in the day to do it all? It is possible that you consider or count on the services of a nanny to be able to combine everything. If so, in this article we tell you options and average prices in Spain.

Combining work with family, social life and household is a challenge and today it is almost impossible to do it alone. When the workday does not coincide with the school schedule or there are other tasks that limit the care of children, it is necessary to count on help.

The first support which usually occurs is the family, especially grandparents, but sometimes it is not possible to count on them and you have to resort to other alternatives such as hiring a babysitter.

Learn about the options that exist to care for children in Seville and Spain in general, as well as their average price and conditions throughout this article.

Babysitters in Spain

It is true that all parents need someone to take care of their children on occasion,  but depending on the Autonomous Community where you live, prices vary. In addition, it also influences if they have to do housework, which will increase the price.

The average price that a babysitter charges in Spain in 2019 is more than 8 euros per hour, but in large cities, due to the greater distances and wages, prices are much higher. In fact, the average prices are given in a general way, we find that in many cases they are made without a contract, illegally.

Therefore, once you have established the salary of the employee, you must add at the end of the month the cost of signing up for Social Security, a mandatory aspect even if your contract is only for a few hours.

In addition to these average prices, it is necessary to take into account if the selected person will take care of your children at a time between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM, since the night time is different. In general, the rate in this time range can be increased up to 20%.

Au Pairs

One of the options that is currently having a great boom are the Au Pairs. In fact, there are more and more platforms for families and Au Pairs to get in touch.

babysitting seville

If you are considering this option, you should know that there are general requirements to be a host family and that the person who goes to your home should be considered as one more member, not as a household employee.

In this way, the Au pairs will do the common household tasks like any other member and take care of the children while you are not at home. In return, you must pay her/him a weekly salary, as well as welcome her/him to sleep and eat at home.

The rest of the requirements to host an Au Pair are: to be of another nationality, to have a single room for her/him, to have a child under 18 who lives at home, to speak Spanish at home and to allow her/him to go to classes to learn the language.

Babysitting service through a company

As you have seen, hiring a babysitter is not an easy task. In addition to conducting an exhaustive search to choose the person that best suits you and your children, you must establish a salary depending on the hours signed by contract and register you with Social Security.

In many cases, this is not carried out and the nannies end up working in precarious conditions, which harms the sector and makes it difficult to find a truly trained person.

babysitting seville

To solve this problem, the best is to hire these services through an external company that handles legal matters, and gives you the guarantee and security that your child is in the best hands. In our case, with Aecetia, we put at your disposal responsible and trustworthy professionals trained by the Persan Foundation and with all the comforts.

For you to forget all the worries, we take care of registering the worker in Social Security, of carrying out the administrative procedures necessary for hiring and we have a low coverage by replacing the worker if you require it.

Definitely, hiring with a good babysitting service offers three great advantages that are very important today: time, tranquility and security. Do you want to find the ideal babysitter for your children? This article on ideas for choosing a good babysitter can help you 🙂

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