how to save on the water bill

Tricks to reduce your water consumption at home

You probably think that your water bill is too high for what you used, but the reality is that we waste a lot of litres of water a day without realizing it. And of course, that on the bill is shown. If you want to discover some tricks to reduce your consumption and save, this is your post!

Today, we are not yet aware of the large amount of water we spend. The reality is that in Spain we currently have an average consumption of 136 litres per day according to the INE data. You may think that it is impossible to spend so many litres of water in one day, but if you start calculating it, the bills just come out and, your pocket notices it.

Because 2019 is being the year with less rainfall of the last 5 years, Emasesa – Metropolitan Water Supply and Sanitation Company of Seville, is carrying out a campaign to save on the consumption of this good with the slogan “usa #TuAqua de manera respondable” (Use your water responsibly). Small gestures counts.

Given its price and considering it as a valuable asset, we have decided to join the cause and therefore, today we bring you some tricks to reduce your consumption and save on the water bill.

How to save water in kitchen

The reality is that there are many ways to reduce the consumption of water in the kitchen and, almost all of them are very easy to carry out, all you have to do is to include them in your daily routines.

Don’t let the tap water run

This is undoubtedly the main advice to reduce the consumption of water in the kitchen, whatever task you are doing, try to let only the necessary water run.

When you are washing the dishes, do not do it with the tap running. Soap all the utensils first, then rinse them all at once. In fact, if you do it in a bowl or a water-filled basin, the savings will be even greater.

how to save on the water bill

In the case of rinsing fruits and vegetables or defrosting the food it is the same, do it in a container. Thus, in addition to consuming much less water, you can reuse it later to water the plants or mopping the floor.

Beware the dishwasher

While it is true that using the dishwasher consumes less water than washing the dishes by hand, this makes sense whenever we do it when it is completely full since this appliance consumes the same amount of water whether or not it is complete. Therefore, we must wait to fill it completely or we will be wasting water.

In addition, to save even more on the bill, many of dishwashers have an economic savings program, ideal for those occasions when the dishes are not very dirty.

Maintenance and appliances for the tap and sink

In many cases, although we use many techniques to avoid wasting water, the failure comes when we are not using it. That is, it is very important that you check the faucets when you finish using them because if it is poorly closed and dripping, it can be an expense of up to 90 litres in a single day, which in the long run can also be a great economic outlay.

It is very important to keep the maintenance up to date, if you have any leaks you should repair it as soon as possible to avoid losing water and, to avoid this, always use the sink filter to keep the pipes clean.

In addition, if you want to take more measures, there are multiple accessories for the taps, such as dispensers and aerators that reduce the flow of water and help you reduce water consumption by up to 50%.

How to save water in the bathroom

Reduce the expense in the shower

The first and most important premise when it comes to saving in the bathroom is that you shower instead of bathing, this way you will save up to 50% of the water. In addition, if you reduce the time of shower to 5 minutes, you will achieve savings of up to 3,500 litres per month.

On the other hand, don’t waste the water that comes out while waiting for it to warm up. Pick it up in buckets and then you can reuse it for example to mop the floor or water the plants.

Save by using the sink

Just as you have to turn off the tap to wash the dishes, you should also turn off the water while you brush your teeth or shave and open it only for when you go to rinse. This way you can save up to 30 litres of water in one day.

Watch out for the toilet

Another bad practice, and fact with which a lot of water is wasted, is pulling the tank without being necessary. Therefore, it is very important that we do not throw things into the toilet as if it were a bin.

In addition, to reduce water consumption each time the tank is pulled, you can place full bottles inside or place one that allows you to measure the amount of water you discharge or a tank reducer. In this way, you will save between 2 and 4 litres each time it is used.

So far, these were some tips to reduce consumption and save on the water bill. If you put them into practice you will see that carrying them out is much easier than it seems and the planet and the economy of your home will appreciate it.

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Until next week!

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