how to clean leather sofa

How to clean your leather sofa

If you have a leather sofa, possibly sometimes you have put your hands to the head to see that it has been stained, either for fear that it will not be removed or it can be damaged while cleaning it. It is normal, since at the same time they are beautiful and elegant they are also quite delicate. Today we give you the tricks to do it perfectly.

Although they are resistant and last for a long time, leather sofas are also vulnerable to stains and need proper maintenance so that they do not get harm nor look worn over time.

Therefore, and to show you that cleaning a leather sofa is not as complicated as it seems, we bring you these tips so that you always have it in perfect condition.

Clean the sofa periodically

The first thing you should know about cleaning your leather sofa is that you have to do it periodically to keep it in a good condition. Therefore, it is recommended that every two weeks you remove with a damp cloth dust that may have accumulated.

In this way, you will keep it clean as long as it does not stain, but if your sofa needs a deep cleaning, you should know well how to do it and be very careful with the products you use so that it does not end up cracking and looks bad.

Vacuum the sofa

If you want to clean your sofa in depth, the first thing you should do is to use a  vacuum cleaner with a soft brush to remove the most superficial dirt and the remains of hidden dust. Make special emphasis on corners and recesses since most of the dirt usually accumulates in these places.

Next, pass a damp cloth with a mild soap and distilled water making small circular movements and without rubbing too hard. Then, rinse quickly with cold water and dry the entire surface well with a cloth.

Remove stains from your sofa

Whatever your sofa, unless you use a protector, it is exposed to staining. Therefore, we give you some tricks to remove stains according to the types of them.

Food or drink stains

If it turns out that while you are eating or drinking the sofa get stained, the first thing you should do is to use paper towels without rubbing, to absorb as much as possible without spreading the stain.

Afterwards, you can use baby wipes to clean it. This product is ideal because being composed of soft and non-abrasive components it does not damage the skin of the sofa.

Difficult stains

In the case of difficult stains or those that you have not seen in time and have been impregnated, you can use alcohol. Dip a cotton ball in a little alcohol and rub the area where the stain is with soft and small movements. Thus, you will be able to eliminate the stain without the risk of spreading it.

Light skin stains

If your sofa is from white skin or light tones, surely the simple act of thinking that it stains terrifies you … but, with this trick you will have no problem when cleaning it.

What you should do is to beat an egg white until it is sniffed and apply it on the stain. Once extended, rub with a cloth until the area is completely cleaned.

how to clean leather sofa

Brighten the skin

In order to your leather sofa has the shine, you can use a specific product to hydrate and protect it or you can create a homemade conditioner with some linseed oil and white vinegar.

To make the mixture, you must use a part of vinegar with two parts of oil and add it to a sprayer to spray the entire surface. Then, spread it well with a clean cloth to get a good result and let it act for a couple of minutes. To finish, use a dry cloth to polish the surface, you will see that it is bright again as the first day!

In this way, you will keep your leather sofa clean and bright for as long as possible. Of course, as long as you give it a proper maintenance.

Maintenance for a leather sofa

For your beautiful leather sofa to last as long as possible in good condition, apart from doing a correct and careful cleaning, it is necessary to maintain it.

To do this, make sure every week to be aware of the dirt that can accumulate and remove it with the vacuum cleaner and, once a month it is advisable to hydrate it and give it shine as we have seen before.

how to clean leather sofa

Apart from these cleaning tips, it is important that you avoid placing your sofa in places where the sun goes directly or putting too powerful lamps nearby so that the colours are not damaged.

In addition, they should not be exposed to too high temperatures, as this will cause the skin to lose its hydration and after time it begins to crack.

Now, you know the tricks to clean your leather sofa and make it look like new for a long time. However, sometimes you may not find the time to do it… If so, count on the help of our professionals in cleaning the home and do not let something that could be solved easily end up breaking down.

If you decide to try any of these tips, do not hesitate to tell us your experience and, if you want to know more about removing stains from the sofa, this article with tricks to clean common stains of a fabric sofa may interest you;)

Until the next week!

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