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The importance of cleanliness for tourist apartments

Every day there are more options where to stay when you travel, but tourist apartments are in great demand for those who want to feel like at home. Of course, as long as everything is clean and in order.

We are all aware of the great boom that tourist accommodation has been having for a few years. In fact, according to the data extracted from the Tourism Registry of the Junta de Andalucía, since this summer, Seville has for the first time more places in so called tourist homes than in hotels (in the capital).

In this way, there are currently 23,871 places for people who choose this way of travelling, distributed among the 5,012 accommodations for tourists in the Sevillian capital. This represents 4% more than the hotels offer. These figures are due to the fact that during the last year and a half, the number of tourist apartments has grown by 33%

The most important thing – the first impression (or the reviews)

One of the key premises for tourists when booking one accommodation or another, are the comments and opinions of users who have previously stayed there and the first impression. Especially now with the great competition that exists in the sector, these factors are very important.

If we examine the reviews left by guests in the renting portals , one of the most commented factors is cleanliness. For this reason, you should pay great attention and take care of it as much as possible.

The cleaner the apartment is when the tourists arrive, the better impression they will get when they see it and the better the review they make. Therefore, it is essential that you try to keep it as clean as possible and in correct conditions.

Thorough cleaning of tourist apartments

One of the reasons why tourist apartments need a thorough cleaning more frequently is because it is impossible to clean every day due to the tourist’s stays.

Therefore, it is important to perform a thorough cleaning of the apartment from time to time, and thus ensure that all corners are kept clean for as long as possible.

It is convenient that in this type of accommodation is done a thorough and frequent cleaning of joints and tiles, glass, mattresses and sofas, the doors, the interior of the furniture etc., so that every time a new incomer enters, he can find everything as new.

Maintenance of tourist apartments

If we have said that cleaning is a key aspect in this type of housing, maintenance too. In fact, if we do not routinely check the condition of the appliances and furniture, it will not help to have a clean accommodation.

Within the maintenance of the home we find tasks such as painting the walls and furniture, changing or cleaning the air filters, polishing the floor, securing the hinges of the furniture doors, etc.

tourist apartments seville

In the case of this type of apartments, through which so many people pass by, it is very important to be rigorous and do these revisions regularly.

In this business, spending time on cleaning and maintenance is essential. But, it is possible that the time you have to perform these tasks is limited, especially if you intend to do so in the shortest time possible so that it is in perfect condition when the next tourist arrives.

Therefore, it is convenient to have professionals who help you to offer your accommodation in the best conditions and in the shortest time possible. If you need it, from Aecetia we offer you our cleaning services in order to make your life easier.

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