How to remove and prevent shower mold

What a pleasant feeling to get out of the shower and be completely clean and like new, right? Do not let what should be the most hygienic and clean area of ​​the home be affected by mold and other fungi due to the humidity with these tricks.

Together with the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the areas that must be cleaned daily because of its use; it is a place where the proliferation of bacteria increases. For this reason, and because it is a space that we use frequently for cleaning, it must be kept properly clean. Even if you clean it often, if it has no windows, its excessive humidity makes this room very attractive for the appearance of fungi, especially in the shower. This can be very uncomfortable, apart from the fact that they can cause certain diseases. Therefore, today we bring you some simple tricks to eliminate them and keep the bath spotless, as well as some tips to prevent their appearance.

Tricks to remove mold from the shower

Although there are multiple specific products for cleaning the bathroom, the most effective and disinfectant is bleach. In addition, it is a great ally to eliminate mold from the shower. To get rid of it, you should mix the bleach with warm water and, with the help of a sprayer, expand it throughout the surface, both on the floor and walls, joints and tiles. Once everything is covered, let it act for 15 minutes to make the maximum possible effect and get it completely removed. After that time, you should remove the bleach and clean everything, you can help with an old toothbrush to rub the most difficult surfaces such as joints and a sponge for the rest. Once this step is done you just need to rinse and be surprised how clean the shower is. Following the same process you can also use ammonia, another product that you probably have at home and is excellent for removing mold from the shower. We recommend using the bleach first and leave this only in case there is any remainder since its smell is very strong. But, if necessary, make sure before using it to open the windows and the door well so that the bathroom stays airy. how to remove mold from the shower With these two tricks, the mold in your bathtub must have disappeared, but if you prefer to use less aggressive products and clean the bathroom without chemicals, the solution is in the bicarbonate along with our ally the vinegar. If you decide to use this mixture, to prepare it you must add three quarters of white vinegar with a quarter of warm water plus two tablespoons of bicarbonate. When you have it all, pour it into a jar or sprayer and make sure you mix everything well before using it. When you have the mixture ready, spread it over the entire surface as before and let it act again. The difference is that now you must leave it for 30 minutes so that it can eliminate mold. After this time, the process is the same again, rub vigorously and rinse everything. Finally, after using any of the tricks you should make sure you dry everything very well so as not to create more humidity and encourage the appearance of more fungi.

Tips to avoid the appearance of mold in the shower

If the mold has not yet appeared in your shower or you just removed it with these effective tricks and you do not want it to appear again, we bring some tips to prevent its appearance and enjoy an impeccable bathtub for as long as possible. As we have commented, the bathroom is the favorite area of ​​fungi because it accumulates a lot of humidity. Therefore, to avoid appearing, the first thing you should do is keep the bathroom as dry as possible. how to remove mold from the shower To achieve this, use cloths to dry the shower and sink after use and keep the windows open whenever possible so that the bathroom is well ventilated and those small areas where water has accumulated dry as soon as possible. Also, avoid placing objects in those areas that usually get wet or stay wet. Finally, to make sure that the fungi do not reach your bathroom, use one of these tricks to clean the wettest areas such as the bathtub, the sink or the toilet at least once a month. Now you know how to remove the unpleasant and unhygienic mold from your shower and how to ensure that it does not reappear, but in addition, we also leave you an article on how to clean the bathroom screens so that when you put these tricks to test you eliminate at the same time lime accumulated in the screens. Until next week! Leave a comment if you know or use a different trick to share it with us and, do not hesitate to count on the help of our cleaning services whenever you need it.

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