How to clean the toughest stains of marble

Without a doubt, marble is one of the most elegant materials that can be seen inside a home. Whether in sculptures, floors or tiles, this material is present in almost every house. But… what do we do when it gets dirty? Today we teach you various tricks to eliminate even the toughest stains of the marble and thus retain its brightness and elegance.

Just as it is essential in most homes, it is also a very difficult material to clean. Mainly for two reasons: first, because being very porous dirt is embedded and is very difficult to remove and second, because it is a very delicate material and you have to be very careful with the products we use when treating it. Although we polish and seal the marble surfaces of our houses, to prevent damage, it is necessary to know how and with what to clean it so that it always remains in perfect condition. Next we tell you how to do it depending on the type of stain or the depth of cleaning.

Homemade tricks to clean stains on the marble

Marble is a particularly delicate material and therefore must be maintained and cleaned in a very methodical way. Due to its delicacy and because not all stains are equally difficult to clean, we will discuss how you should clean them according to whether they are recent or more resistant. It turns out that you are taking the dishes to the kitchen after eating and a fork falls to the marble floor. What you should do at that moment is to clean it before it dries, as recent stains can be easily cleaned. To do this, you can use either a sponge or a wet cloth and even the same mop with water and neutral soap, rinse until all the soap is removed and dry to leave no marks. It is important that the soap is neutral because if we use a product with a very low pH, it can be affected by acids. It really is very simple, you just have to use a product that does not damage the material. However, when the stains are more resistant you have to make a mixture of diatomaceous soil or bicarbonate with a little ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, remember! Just a drop or two and water. Once achieved, you apply it with a cloth on the stain and cover it with a piece of plastic on top; for example, transparent film for food. You should let the mixture dry completely and then you can remove it with a damp cloth, rinse it completely and dry it. If you resort to this trick it is because the stain is begging to be able to eliminate it. For this reason, if at first you cannot clean it completely, you can repeat the process.

Homemade tricks for routine or thorough cleaning of marble

Due to the delicacy of this material, we will also differentiate between the tips you should follow for routine cleaning or thorough cleaning. So you can consider what products to use on one occasion or another. Products such as vinegar, our great ally in cleaning, or soaps with a very low pH should not be used for cleaning because their acids can spoil the natural shine of the marble. how to clean marble If you are going to clean the floor or any element of your house that is marble when performing daily household chores, use only water to avoid wear. Rub with hot water and then dry, so there will be no marks. On the other hand, if it turns out that you are doing a deeper cleaning, we recommend that you add some dishwashing detergent for a better result. Remember that the detergent should not be very strong. Simply, in a bucket with warm water add and mix the soap. Apply it on a microfiber cloth and clean the entire marble surface. Then, use a clean, damp cloth to rinse the remains and once again dry everything well. Now, after learning these simple tricks to clean the marble, not even the most complicated stain can resist. There is no longer an excuse for your surfaces not to look impeccable and, if there are any, you can always count on the help of our cleaning services 😉 Until next week!

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