Swimwear and bronzers: How to get stains out of your bikinis

Surely on some occasion after a fantastic day at the beach, when you get home and take off your bikini, you have encountered an unpleasant spot of sun tanning. Today we bring you three simple and effective tricks to remove sunscreen stains from bath clothes.

Sunbathing is one of the most frequent and relaxing activities of the beach and pool days in summer. In order to practice it without suffering skin damage, it is important that we use sunscreen. There are many different formats adapted to the preferences and needs of each person. Some of them, especially bronzers, can leave stains quite difficult to remove on our clothes and swimsuits. Today we bring you several ways to remove sunscreen stains without dying in the attempt or take it for granted.

Clean sunscreen stains with soap, lemon and salt

Although it may seem a lie, that spot of tanning that seems so difficult to remove can come up with something as simple as combining three basic household products: neutral soap, lemon and salt. First, apply neutral soap directly on the stain without wetting it, dry and then rub it. Then let it act 20 minutes. Subsequently, immerse the garment in a bowl with warm water without removing the soap and add the lemon juice and salt on the stained area. Once the products are applied, let them act another 20 minutes. Then, wash your swimsuit by hand to rub the mixture well and rinse with warm water again. Finally, let it dry outdoors. Remember that if it has bright colors, the best option is to put it in the shade, so that the sun does not deteriorate its appearance.

Clean sunscreen stains with white vinegar

For those who follow us, surely on more than one occasion you will have seen us say that vinegar is the best ally in household cleaning and that this product ends everything! On this occasion, it will also help to clean the sunscreen spots of your bikini. This process is even simpler than the previous one. To make your bathroom clothes look like new and without stains, you will simply have to fill a bowl with hot water and add a cup of white vinegar. Please!! Be careful not to exceed the maximum temperature that the garment supports so that the colors do not suffer damage. Once ready, dip your swimsuit and leave for 30 minutes for the mixture to take effect. Then, wash it in the usual way in the washing machine, you’ll see that when it’s finished it’s like new. bronzer spot

Clean sunscreen stains with an enzymatic stain remover

You may have heard of enzyme cleaners, but you don’t really know what they are. These stain removers are eco-responsible products composed of enzymes and detergents with neutral pH very effective to achieve dissolve almost impossible to remove stains. They have many advantages, such as not containing any toxic components, they are completely respectful of the environment, are biodegradable and also reduce the chances of suffering some kind of allergic reaction. To remove sunscreen stains you will simply have to apply the product on the stain and rub and rinse as you usually do. Once the bathroom linen is clean, remember to hang it outdoors and, if it is colored, in the shade. Before finishing, if you decide to use it, you should know that it is also extremely effective in removing the difficult spots of blood and sweat, among others. So far we have seen three effective tricks to remove the tanning spots of your bikinis. If you know any more, do not hesitate to share it with us or leave a comment telling your experience when trying the ones we have recommended in this article. Remember that whenever you need it you can count on our cleaning services to perform household chores, including laundry and ironing. Now, see you next time!

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