How to clean the iron from the remains of clothes

Sure, this situation is familiar: today is a special day, you go to an important dinner, you are almost ready to leave, but when you look in the mirror, you realize that the shirt has that rebellious wrinkle. You will not go to that important date with a wrinkled shirt, so you decide to iron it and… bingo! When you pass the iron, it gets stained. How could it have happened? Today we explain what you have to do to clean the iron when you have a garment stuck and avoid spoiling the rest of your clothes.

Let’s be honest, is there anything worse than spoiling your outfit when ironing when you have an important event? You’re just a while away, you’ve been thinking for weeks about what you’re going to wear and minutes before leaving your run out of that shirt or that dress, because when you put the iron on it, you’ve stained it. Ironing, depending on the routine you have at home, will be a more or less frequent task. However, what is certain is that the iron, like other small household appliances, needs some care to prevent the accumulation of dirt in the lower part, which is the one that is in direct contact with the garments. So grab paper and pencil and start writing down these tricks so that your iron is impeccable. Clean the plate with salt Yes, the same salt that you use to cook is an excellent ally to clean the iron and get rid of the remains of fabric that may have stuck to the base. The most effective is the coarse salt, but you can use table salt if it is the one you have at home. The process is very easy. Plug the iron and let it heat, meanwhile, place two or three tablespoons of salt on a cloth and when the base is hot, rub gently back and forth over the entire surface until the burn marks disappear. Once they have been removed, turn off the iron. Wait until it cools and proceed to clean the base with a damp cloth. You will see that it is shiny. Clean the iron with wax I know that this may seem at least curious, but yes, you read it well. One of the most efficient ways to clean your iron is with the remains of the worn out candles you may have at home. A very simple trick while effective. First, turn on the iron and, as in the previous case, wait for it to heat up. You do not have to use a very high temperature. Once it has reached a regular temperature, unplug it and rub the candle against the surface of the iron until the entire base has been covered with wax. Then you must clean it with a clean cloth. It is possible that you cannot get rid of all the remains of wax, to facilitate the process wet the rag with a little vinegar or turn the steam to take off by itself. How to clean the iron from the remains of clothes Clean the iron with toothpaste Another way to clean the iron with something we all have at home is with toothpaste. In addition to being easy and effective, it is useful to recover the brightness of the plate. To begin this process the iron must be cold to be able to spread the toothpaste all over the surface of the base and, once it is completely covered, proceed to turn it on. Wait for it to warm up and activate the steam option. Leave it on for 5 minutes to take effect and then turn it off and wait until it is warm to wipe it with a damp cloth, remove the remaining toothpaste and polish it. Clean the plate with vinegar As we have explained in previous articles, vinegar is the great ally of home care due to the infinite uses that can be given. Well, cleaning the iron is not an exception. To clean the base of the plate with white vinegar you must first heat it. When the product is warm, put it on a cloth or sponge to scrub and rub the plate of the iron until the possible remains of burned clothes or stains that may have the base. Afterwards, use a clean cloth moistened in water to finish cleaning it. It is possible that even if the plate finishes shining, in the circular holes there is some remaining dirt. To do this you can use swabs dipped in hot vinegar or with toothpaste to eliminate it and leave it totally glistening. So far, we have explained how you can leave your iron shimmering with these simple tricks and homemade products, after an accident or as a cleaning routine. In addition, do you know more tricks? Share with us your other tips as well as your experience after trying the ones that we just left. We are coming back next week!

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