how to give light to a house

25 tricks to give light to your home

Has it ever happened to you that watching a series or movie you get stuck with the houses of the protagonists? The duplex penthouse of Blair Waldorf, the beautiful house of the Hamptons of Revenge or the dreamy facades of the houses of Modern Family, is just some examples. Not everyone can afford a house like that, but we can apply simple tricks to make it look as large and bright as possible. And, is that, why not turn your living room into a place as special as the one in Monica and Rachel’s apartment?

Obviously not all of us can live in a huge movie house with large windows, but we can apply certain tricks when decorating it to get the most out of the natural light that enters our home and multiply it.

As lighting is one of the most important aspects to create a cozy environment at home, we bring you 25 tips grouped into four fundamental aspects: distribution, colors, mirrors and fabrics. Let’s start giving vitality to every corner of your house!

The distribution

First of all, surely you will not build new windows, but you can use those rooms where more light enters to establish the places where you spend more time at home. For example the living room or the kitchen if you eat and you do life there, or even if you work from home office.

Another important aspect and perhaps it seems obvious (but it is not any nonsense), is that the distribution of furniture should not cover any space through which natural light come from outside. When placing a sofa, do not do it in front of a window, since it will not let all the light in, place it better on the side and you will get the space of the sofa and the rest of the room lit.

If you have large windows and you cannot place it on the side, you can use the lower spaces without covering the light by placing sofas without backs such as the sides of the chaise longue or puff armchairs to enjoy this space in a relaxed way. Another option to take advantage of the space as much as possible is to place shelves or low furniture.

For those small and dimly lit spaces try to get everything together, floor and wall with the smallest furniture in between and you will get light and space multiply by two.

Natural light does not like to find objects in its path, so the less we hinder its passage to more spaces will come. To all these tricks, we must add the use of mirrors and crystals that intensify the power of light and the use of light colors. Let’s go to it next.

how to give light to a house
Map of the apartments of friends by Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde

The colors

The main thing is that the predominant color of your house is white or light colors. White is the color that generates the greatest sensation of amplitude and luminosity because it reflects light, unlike black or the dark colors that absorb it. Therefore, the less natural light enters your home, the more this color should predominate.

To get the best reflection of the possible light bet on painting the walls white. If you do not like it in that tone, opt for clear, beige or pastel shades. And if you want in some room, you can put a wall of one color and the rest of white, which will also create a background.

It is important that at least the color of the roof itself be white. Other areas where you should add this color are the floor where if you do not want to change it or you do not like it, you can add light colored carpets and window frames. This will give the feeling that even more light enters.

If you are not a fan of the total white, make sure that at least one space of each room has white, either painting a piece of furniture, the walls, or the floor. As we have said, this is the color that absorbs the most light and reflects it giving light to the rest of the room.

In the rest of the furniture you can add yellow or raw colors, which are very natural. You can opt for these colors in sofas, cushions or curtains to give a warmer effect.

Apart from white and light tones, choose to add some decorative elements in gold is also a good option to increase the brightness as this color expands with light and creates reflection, especially if we use it in metallic materials. You can add decorative dishes or even a side table or small furniture in this color.


Mirrors and crystals

You already know that white is the color that most reflects light, but there are more options to increase the brightness of our home, such as the use of mirrors and glass. The trick to make the most of the reflections is to know where to place them.

If you place them in front of spaces where light enters, like a window or a door, you will get it reflected and expand throughout the room. For those places where natural light does not have access, such as the hallways, since these do not have windows they also play an important role, since you will be able to increase both the luminosity and make them look bigger.

In these spaces you can also add artificial lights and if you put them in front of a glass or mirror even better. Another option, in places where you do not need great privacy, you can change the doors for glass doors, thus getting the light of the other rooms.

In spaces like the bathroom, where we always have a mirror, the key is that the bigger the better and that it reaches the corners of the wall. And, if you also have a shower tray, the ideal is that the doors are of glass, since this is a very intimate space, the windows are usually not very large and with the mirrors and crystals we will maximize the light.

how to give light to a house

You already know that mirrors and crystals increase the luminosity of your home and, visually give a feeling of larger spaces, but there are still more tricks.


Fabrics, tissues and curtains

To finish, we leave you the simplest tricks that can be changed on a daily basis such as curtains, tissues and colors of the sheets or towels.

The curtains are great protagonists for the entrance of light, so when choosing or changing them you should take into account that the ideal is the curtains and that the tissue is as thin and transparent as possible, so that when it’s slide they allow the light enter. Do you already know what color they should be? If you have done your homework correctly, you have succeeded… white!

If you are one of those who need moments of more darkness or privacy and want more than the curtains, choose a double curtain of two parts so that when you do not need it you can open it laterally and have them well tied. In addition, so you can play with more or less light.

It is possible that the curtains are not to your liking and you use at home stores. If so, we recommend that you choose them with the same criteria and be as vaporous as possible.

For bedding and towels we recommend white. Think that the bed occupies a large space in the room so the white sheets will bring a lot of light. Do not worry if you like colors, you can add the pillowcase or colored cushions to give a fun touch. Even a blanket or quilt at the foot of the bed.

Natural light in the home creates spaces full of life and energy, making us feels more optimistic, relaxed and harmonious. And not only that, it also makes it look bigger and we are more comfortable. We hope that with these simple tips, joy will reach all corners of the home and turn it into a movie house.

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