que hacer con los niños en verano

What to do with children in summer in Seville

We welcome you to the month of June, a month that brings with it changes such as the passage from spring to summer or the expected arrival of school holidays. The best months of the year for children although perhaps not so much for parents.

With the arrival of school holidays, most schools close their doors until the middle of September approximately. Great news for the little ones, but not so much for many parents, who have to keep working and the day to day is complicated if they do not have a close family member who can take care of them during these hours.

Every time there is less to finish the course and finally the children will have more time to enjoy, play and be at home with all that this entails. In places with beach, maybe not so tedious, but if you live in Seville and have children, nephews or even a neighbor with children, surely At this date, you have heard or have crossed your mind the phrase: and now, what do I do with the children?

Keep Calm! In this article we bring you some options for children to enjoy and be well cared for without having to do tricks to fit the schedules.

Leave them with someone you trust

The first option, and the most typical especially for the little ones, is to have a trusted person who can take charge, such as grandparents.

In most families, grandparents are a fundamental part of raising children. With them a special relationship based on total trust is maintained. Normal, because they are the same people who raised you when you were little and today they continue to accompany and advise you.

The grandparents are happy to be able to share time with their grandchildren and help their children, as well as the fact that there is usually great connection between them, where the elderly consent everything and the children feel loved and in the best of companies.

Being able to count on your parents or those of your partner makes it possible for you to leave quiet to the job, knowing that your child is in good hands, but the reality is that we cannot always count on that luck. If this also becomes an obligation we can saturate the grandparents by giving them too many responsibilities.

In these cases, another confidence option is that you can always count on us. It is true that many times, the idea of ​​a caregiver does not quite please because we are not completely used to this and we would never leave our children with someone we do not know previously. Therefore, the key to solving it is in the trust.

As we know how important this is for parents, in Aecetia, with our babysitting services we offer you responsible and trustworthy people to take care of your children respecting their routine and habits according to the indications.

que hacer con los niños en verano

Summer camps and workshops

There are some children who can become overwhelmed by spending so much time at home, for them there are also other options such as summer camps. A perfect alternative for your children know more children and make new friends.

Surely when you think of camps you have come to mind the typical summer, in another city and without seeing your child for at least a week. When children are older, camps become one of the best summer experiences. But, it is true that when they are smaller it may not be so much fun, besides what comes to suppose for the parents to know hardly anything about them for so long and that they are far from home.

For these cases, there are other alternatives such as urban camps, which in addition to being in the same locality, children sleep at home and go back the next day. It is a perfect option for your children to perform different activities both playful and learning without being far away and sleeping away from home.

que hacer con los niños en verano

In large cities like Seville there is usually a wide offer so you can choose between the option that you like, the one that gets you closer to home or work, or the one that best suits your schedule.

Due to the complexity of family reconciliation, many parents in the summer decide to combine their vacations so that each one can take care of their child for a period, it is another option although it is not the best, since you cannot enjoy that days of rest all together.

We hope that with these ideas you can enjoy the most of your summer vacations with the ones you love most, while helping you to make life easier every day with the peace of mind that your child is well cared.

What option have you decided? Do you have previous experiences with your children to share with other readers? Leave us your comments and… Happy summer! 😉

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