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How to remove ink stains

If we think about removing an ink stain, it usually comes to our mind to use milk. This is a very effective way to do it, but you can also resort to other ways to eliminate these types of clothing stains. We tell you up to four methods to leave your clothes as new and without any trace of ink.

Ink stains are usually very common in clothes, especially in children, who are working all day with pens and markers and do not have a great concern to avoid getting dirty. Of course, adults are not exempt from this type of stains, especially when the pens burst in the pocket of the pants or shirt.

There are many ways to eliminate ink stains, so you can choose the one you prefer, with the materials you have at hand, and if you can not remove it the first time, try to do it with another method.

Before getting to the different ways, we remember that something that should never be used to remove the ink is hot water, as it has no use, and can even further damage the stain.

Although pen and marker ink may be easy to remove, we may also have to deal with others such as indelible ones, for which we must use stronger substances. Try to use them carefully and in small quantities in order not to damage the clothes or cause problems in your skin.

How to remove ink stains with alcohol

Using alcohol can be a somewhat aggressive way with clothes, so try to use it carefully and not excessively. The use of alcohol is recommended as long as the ink is still fresh and has not dried completely.

To apply alcohol, it is better to use a cotton disk like those used to remove makeup. Apply it on the stain until all the ink remains on the cotton disc. If you need more than one, repeat the process until everything has been removed. Remember not to use too much of this liquid to avoid damaging the tissue. After it is clean, you just have to put it in the washing machine as usual and let it dry in the sun to remove any trace of the liquid used.

Another option is to resort to denatured alcohol. This is usually used in the ecological cleaning of the glass house, upholstery and also to remove ink from clothes. The process is the same like the previous one.

How to remove milk stains with milk

Probably when you think about removing an ink stain, the first thing you think is milk, because it is the most common and known traditional method.

The application of milk is quite simple: you just have to place the stained piece of clothing soaking in the milk and let it act until it has completely disappeared. It does not matter if the milk is cold or hot.

So that the process is not so cumbersome and you end up staining more things of the room, try not to put the whole garment in soaking, but only the part that is stained. Then, you just have to put it in the washing machine and it will be clean and brand new.

How to remove ink stains with ammonia

Ammonia is especially useful for removing stains from non-synthetic clothing. The ideal is to create a mixture between ammonia, alcohol and vinegar. The latter, in addition to helping clean, prevents the smell of ammonia is so strong and annoying.

Put this mixture on the stained part, make sure it has penetrated well and then introduce it in the washing machine, applying the normal washing with the detergent that you usually use every day.

How to remove ink spots with hairspray

Yes, you have read correctly, the hairspray not only serves to keep the hairstyle in place, but it is also useful to remove the ink stains from the clothes. The first thing you have to do is put a towel or a paper towel underneath and then throw away all the lacquer you need until the stain has disappeared.

Pass a damp cloth to remove any remaining residue. If it has not gone completely, repeat the process until you get it. As always, put the garment in the washing machine to remove all traces of lacquer and leave it as new.

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