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How to clean a screen correctly

Computer screens (and also television ones) are one of the most delicate objects in your home for cleaning. You have to be careful with what products are used and in what way it is done. Therefore, in this post we explain how to properly clean a screen, without damaging it.

The computer has become an essential tool for both work and leisure for most people. In addition to being able to enjoy all the advantages that it brings, we have to take think that, like any appliance in the house, it needs regular maintenance and cleaning.

The computer screen, no matter if it is portable or desktop, is the most delicate part, because the keyboard is much easier to clean quickly (remember that the keyboard accumulates a lot of dirt). If it is not cleaned properly and with the right products, it can end up breaking and not working well. If you follow the advice that we are going to give you, you will have your computer as new and without any problem.

Remember that these tips can also be used to clean television or tablets, since all monitors are currently made of the same technology (LCD, LED, Plasma or variants of these).

Keys to clean a screen

In the event that you only have to remove dust from the screen, you only need a microfiber cloth. It is very important that it be a microfiber one, because it does not leave any trace of lint or fabric when you pass it, not as with other fabrics, which can end up getting dirtier than cleaner.

When using a cloth on a computer screen it is very important to do it very gently, without pressing too much because it is a very delicate surface and can be damaged. Cleaning should be done with straight and non-circular movements, as is usual in other cases.

Once you are finished, dust probably remains on the inside edge of the screen frame, the most complicated place to clean. Use a single finger wrapped in the cloth to eliminate this most difficult part to reach. If the frame is also dirty, you can use a normal cleaning product, but always be very careful not to touch the screen with it.

clean a screen

If the screen has more dirt than just dust, you have to resort to another solution. There are specialized cleaning products for computers. If you prefer more natural and easy methods, then we will offer some, but never use cleaning products that have other purposes (for furniture, for example).

The solution we are going to prepare is a mixture of water and vinegar. The water is better to be distilled, to avoid having any kind of substance that can damage the screen, and the vinegar should be white, not other types such as apple cider. Alcohol and similar products should be avoided at all costs for this kind of cleaning.

For the application of this solution, it is best to put it into a bottle with spray, as the perfumes, and use it to apply it on a microfiber cloth. Never apply the liquid directly on the screen, because it may end up penetrating inside the computer and damaging it.

You only need to lightly moisten the cloth and pass it through the parts of the screen that are dirtier and with the toughest stains. Remember that you should never squeeze too hard. If you need to do more pressure, put your hand behind the screen to avoid staining it again.

Tips for the maintenance of the screen

Never touch the screen with your fingers, because it will stay the stain of your fingerprint, especially if you have your hands dirty (much worse if you have them full of fat), so if you want to remove something that has been stuck, use a cloth with care and without putting too much pressure on the screen.

The place where the computer is placed also influences its maintenance. That is why it is advisable to keep it away from rooms with humid atmospheres (like the bathroom) and avoid the direct sunlight. If you are not going to use it for a long period of time, it is best to cover it with a cloth to prevent it from getting too much dust.

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