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Tips for ordering the bathroom

Keeping the bathroom tidy is something we do not give enough importance to. That is why today we are going to focus on how to make the most of the bathroom space, which is usually not very large, and how to keep all the products well classified and organized.

The order is an essential part of the maintenance of the house and its importance is often underestimated, perhaps due to laziness or ignorance of the benefits of having a clean and orderly home. For example, our mood can improve considerably.

However, there are rooms that we usually have better ordered than others. The bedroom is usually one of the most tidied, because we spend a lot of time in that part of the house. The bathroom not so much, but we usually go in there first hour in the morning.

Take advantage of this moment in which you will start to organize the bathroom to review all the products you have stored. Surely there will be some that you have not used in a long time and others that are empty and you have not thrown away.

Make the most of the space

The bathroom is usually not a very large room, so the organization is vital to know how to make the most of the space. Therefore, the first thing is to choose the right furniture to store all the creams, shampoos, toothbrushes, etcetera. We will use cabinets not very deep and other types of shelves, especially vertical, in order to store towels, for example.

In the bathroom we usually have many small bottles of cosmetic and cleaning products. A good way they are not scattered over the bathroom is to use boxes or trays and classify them according to their use. For example, one box for makeup, another for creams. This way, everything is more organized and easier to find and pick up.

Taking advantage of the bathroom elements so that they have two or more uses is essential. That’s why it’s best to have a mirror cupboard, since it serves to look at us and also to store more things like shaving cream or medicines.

When creating your own classification system, keep in mind what objects you use the most and place them as close as possible. Leave the places a little less accessible and difficult to reach for things you do not use so often. After all, it is not only a matter of cleanliness and order, but also of pragmatism.

Leave the essentials in sight

Try to leave the top of the bathroom as clear as possible, with only the most essential, such as toothbrushes and hand soap. The rest is better stored in their respective boxes to give a greater sense of cleanliness and order.

In the shower or the bathtub we apply the same philosophy: we only leave out the essentials, such as shampoo and gel. Other products, such as the hair mask or other body care creams, keep them stored and take them when you need them. In addition, the shelves or trays inside the shower are usually not too large, so it is best not to overload them.

The placement of the towels should also be done taking advantage of free spaces that are not going to be used. This can be under the sink, on the sides of the main cabinet or in a hole in the wall. If you want to go a step further in this aspect, your best option is to buy a heated towel rail, which allows you to keep towels neat, dry and hot.

Order is not only important to create a good environment, but also makes things much easier and prevents you from spending so much time looking for something, since everything is well classified and in place. In addition, dust cleaning is much faster by not having dozens of bottles scattered throughout the room. Keep all these tips in mind the next time you enter the bathroom and think whether you need to make a small reorganization or not.

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