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How to clean the oven thoroughly

Lemon, vinegar, salt … With these products you can clean your oven in less than an hour. No need to buy special liquids, but with natural methods you can have a completely clean oven. We leave you with some tips that will be of great help for cleaning.

The oven is one of the most used kitchen utensils. It allows us to make meals in a simple and healthy way, from fried potatoes or roasted peppers to salted fish. The oven does not need as much oil as other methods and does not require much attention from us, since you only have to take a look from time to time to know at what point of cooking is the food.

For these same reasons, as it is a simpler and healthier way of cooking, we also use it more often, therefore, the oven requires regular care and cleaning. In the market there are many specialized chemical products for this purpose, but  it is not necessary to resort to these (except in very special cases).

Next, we will give you some tips to clean the oven with natural products that everyone has at home. Therefore, we also avoid leaving that chemical odor so unpleasant. The cleaning of the oven is very important not only aesthetically, but the remains of meals can be a source of bacteria and organisms that can affect the health of the members of the house.

How to clean the oven with lemon

Lemon is one of the most useful natural products for cleaning issues as it is a disinfectant and a degreaser, thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. In addition, after cleaning, it will leave a very pleasant smell of citrus, perfect to eliminate other stronger smells like fish.

For this trick, we only need two lemons, cut them in half and squeeze them on the tray or on a container suitable for the oven, with a little water. Put it to work at a medium temperature (over 250 degrees) and let it act for 30 minutes. Once finished, you can take advantage of the lemon vapor to clean the glass if you want.

How to clean the oven with vinegar

Like lemon, vinegar is also a perfect product to dissolve grease and eliminate germs. To apply it, you need a bottle with spray and create a solution of water and vinegar (three parts of water for one of vinegar). Once this mixture is ready, apply it with the spray through the walls of the oven, let it act for a few minutes and pass a cloth to clean the grease off.

Another way to use the vinegar for cleaning the oven is to put two glasses of hot water and one of vinegar in the tray and put it at about 200 degrees for 30 minutes. Then, we repeat the same process as before with a rag to leave it as good as new.

Vinegar can also be used in combination with sodium bicarbonate. That reaction creates a foam that helps remove even the most resistant grease stains. It is best to let it sit for a few hours, although you can also speed up the process if you turn on the oven and the heat will do the rest.

How to clean the oven with salt

The salt not only serves to give greater flavor to the food, but it is also a very useful cleaning product because it is very economical and we always have some at home. To apply this cleaning method, you need to make a mixture of half a liter of water with 250 grams of salt.

Apply this combination to the walls where there are traces of fat and food and let it act for about 20 minutes. Then you just have to wipe a damp cloth to remove the dirt more easily.

With these simple tricks, you can have your oven clean and with a good smell to continue cooking tasty and healthy meals. Remember that the cleaning of the oven is an important part not only for the appearance, but also to avoid infections and other health problems that can bring dirt and accumulated food debris.

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