Tips for decorating your table on Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is getting near. After a week full of stress and work, February 14th is the perfect excuse to get some free time and dedicate it exclusively to your partner.

Chocolate or roses are the typical Valentine’s gifts (if you want any suggestions to give as gifts, we leave you here five original ideas to give on these dates) and at end of the day have a romantic dinner. Instead of going out to a restaurant, why not have dinner at home? This way, the night will be much more intimate, with the favorite food of the two on the table.

That’s why we want to give you a series of suggestions and tips to decorate the table on this special, romantic night like Valentine’s Day. With these ideas, we will help you to have everything perfect and you can forget about other daily worries and enjoy with your partner.

Red is the color of Valentine’s Day

When choosing the different elements that will be on the table, keep in mind that red is the most important color of this special night. Although it is important that red is present, you do not want to get carried away by placing too many red things, because it can create the opposite effect and the environment gets overloaded.

Therefore, it is best to use red details. For example, place a white tablecloth with small notes of red or, even easier, use a red table runner on the white tablecloth. Red can also be present on napkins, either placed inside the cups or folded over the dishes.


Flowers, especially roses, are something that can not be missing on a Valentine’s Day. Instead of giving your partner a bouquet, use them as decoration for the table. You can you choose from several options. You can place them as a center, but not being too big so that it does not bother when placing the dishes.

Another way to include flowers within the decoration of the Valentine table is simply by placing petals in different parts. Thus, the contrast of the red color of the roses with the white tablecloth will also be very beautiful.

Edible decoration

This idea mixes the decoration with the gastronomic part of the dinner and the result is really beautiful and tasty. You can, instead of putting a centerpiece, place a large plate in its place with various foods with romantic motives.

A very simple example is muffins or heart-shaped cookies. Another very suggestive option is some strawberries (on Valentine’s Day everything has to be red!) with chocolate on top.


Not everything in this night is based on the combination of white and red colors. In a romantic dinner you can not miss the candles to get that intimate atmosphere that we were looking for when preparing dinner at home and not in a restaurant.

With all these ideas in mind, you can now prepare your Valentine’s dinner and spend a very special night with your partner. Forget mobile, stress, daily responsibilities and everything else and focus only on enjoying and having a good time with who you love the most. We have already given you a few tips for decoration, the rest it’s up to you.

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