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Ideas to decorate the hallway of your home

The decoration of the house is a very important part ir order to make us feel comfortable, it will improve our mood and, in general, the quality of life. By placing personal items we like, we get to feel that this place belongs to us and we are not just passing through.

Normally you usually pay much attention to the decoration of the main rooms, such as the living room or the bedroom, and we leave second places of passage, such as the corridors, wasting a lot of space in which you could place decorative objects and useful furniture.

An example of these places that we overlook are the hallways. Partly because we do not spend much time there, it simply takes us to another room in the house, and also because they are often narrow and difficult to decorate. That is why today we are going to give you some ideas for the decoration of the corridors of your home.

How to expand the narrow corridors

In the first place, the narrowness of a corridor can be solved thanks to the painting, or at least, to give a feeling of greater amplitude. If you paint the ceiling and the back wall with a darker color than the walls on the sides, it creates a visual effect that get this objective done. You can complete this task by adding a mirror, something that helps you gain space easily.

Another classic decoration for the corridors is to place pictures on the wall. Having photographs of your holidays or special moments with the family is the best way to create that precious home environment. Of course, in the case that your aisle is very narrow, the ideal is not to place the paintings symmetrically, as it gives a sense of monotony that does not help the space. Therefore, it is best to play with shapes, colors and positions throughout the hall.

Get useful decoration

Despite the limited space left by a corridor, there is always room to place a narrow closet. This type of furniture is really useful, especially in the entrance hall. It is the perfect place to leave the keys, sunglasses and other things we need when we go out or in the house. Once you have one, you will not be able to imagine your life without it and wonder why you didn’t get it before.

Hallways are usually a bit cold and lifeless, especially since they have no natural light. A good way to solve this problem is placing some plants to brighten up these areas. Choose some plants that are not too big, so they do not occupy too much space, and also keep in mind that they are prepared to live indoors and do not need too much light.

The issue of lack of light is another problem that can be solved through decoration. To do this, buy lamps that fit the style and color of the corridor. In the case that the roofs of your house are high, you can allow yourself to place a hanging lamp. Otherwise, it is best to place a light embedded in the ceiling.

Not necessarily all the corridors are very narrow, there are some that can let your imagination fly. For those who have more space, a good idea is to turn the hall into a kind of relaxation area, without getting on the way of other people in the house passing by. To achieve this, place a bench with some cushions and, if possible, you can also add a small table.

With these ideas, you can make the corridors of your home more attractive by making only a few changes in the decoration. Remember that they are also an important part of the house and you should not focus only on the main areas such as the living room or the bedroom.

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