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Tips to remove paint stains on clothes

Paint stains are ones of the most difficult to remove from clothing, especially those that have an oil base. It’s difficult but not impossible. Here are some tips to clean these types of spots and make the clothes look like brand-new.

Painting the house is usually a long and complicated job, but the process does not end there, since later it’s time to clean and most likely the clothes you wear have been stained. We will see how to remove these stains according to the type of paint you have used, but before some tips before painting that can save you some time.

The first thing before putting yourself to clean is to look at the labels of the stained clothes. It is important to know the washing instructions to avoid damaging them in the cleaning process. Never try to remove this type of stains by putting clothes directly into the washing machine, this will only get them fixed more and make it more difficult to remove later.

Once you have taken into account these first tips, you have to identify what type of paint is the stain, since the treatment will be different, depending on whether it is based on water or oil.

How to remove water-based paint spots

This type of paint is what is usually used in crafts, so it dries faster and are much easier to remove. You must apply a mixture of water and dishwashing detergent (mixed in equal parts) on the stain. You have to do this process by rubbing from the back of the clothing.

It is recommended that you place a cloth or a blotter on the other side to pick up the paint when it comes off, as it may stain another garment or the surface on which it is layed.

How to remove paint stains with oil base

This type of paint is what is usually used in outdoor areas or for the walls of the house, that is why it is more resistant to time and therefore its stains are more difficult to remove from clothing. It is best to do it when the paint is still wet, because, if it gets dried, it is still even harder to clean.

For this cleaning method, you will need paint thinner (you can find it in any specialized store), liquid detergent and water. The first thing is to apply a little solvent on the stain and scrape it so that it leaves as much as possible. It is best to do it with a spoon in order not to damage the fabric.

Once the stain has disappeared, put the garment in a basin of water and wash it with neutral detergent to remove any traces of paint and solvent, which can also damage the fabric.

As you can see, paint stains are the most difficult to remove, so in these cases it is much better to prevent from happening, better safe than sorry. Therefore, at the time of painting, try to wear old clothes or that you no longer use.

No matter how careful you are, it is inevitable that some paint will fall on your clothes, so have everything you need to clean ready, because it is best to treat the stain when it is wet and do not let it dry.

The last option in case that the stain is impossible to remove is to think of a way to modify that dirty clothes. For example, if the affected part is in the sleeve, you can try to bend or directly cut it. If the stain is much more visible, such as on the chest, try to find a patch that can cover it.

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