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Ideas to make your own Wise Men gifts

The Wise Men are coming and you have to think about the gifts for the whole family and friends. Many times they tend to buying something impersonal, sold in department stores and that everyone can have. There is no better way than to show your love for that loved one than to make a gift by your own, completely unique.

Christmas is not the same without gifts, but it is also a time of many expenses. A good way to give and save money at the same time is to make them yourself, so that the January cost is a less hard month to go through. In addition, in this way everything is much closer, original, personalized and creative.

Cat pot with bottle

Recycling is always a good option when it comes to giving gifts, as this way you take advantage of the things you have at home and are respectful with the environment. For this option, you only need an empty plastic bottle (better those with “legs” and not the round base) and paint to create your own kitty design.

Cut the bottle to the height you want for your pot (about 10 centimeters is fine) making the shape of the pointy ears. Use a white spray to give the first layer of paint and try to prevent a lot of paint accumulating by removing what is not necessary. Once it’s dry, you only have to paint the kitten’s face with water-resistant markers.

If you want it to be a hanging pot, you just have to make a hole on each side and pass a rope.

Mural of hanging photos

Now that we practically have all the photos in digital format, having some printed on paper has a greater sentimental value and we all like to have memories of friends, family or trips decorating the house. This mural fulfills this function and, moreover, it does so in a more original and creative way.

You only need a metal bar that will support the hanging photos. Tie a string near the two ends so that it is like a triangle on which to hang the gift on the wall.

Then you need three more strings (or whatever you want, depending on the length of the bar and the space you have available) in which the photographs you have printed will go. To put them, you just have to make a small hole in the top and pass the rope through them.

A good option to give the final touch is to place something with weight on the end of the strings so they do not fly off with the air when ventilating the house.

Christmas cards

A good way to congratulate Christmas is with a card. It can be bought anywhere, but these are too impersonal. It is much more original and personalized to make a specific card for each person, showing that they are truly special for you.

We are going to give you some ideas to create these greeting cards. The first is composed of different phrases of gratitude for the person to whom it is addressed. You simply have to print the sentences on strips of paper, draw a straight line with a marker and then stick them on it so that everything is well centered.

You can sort the phrases from smallest to biggest by trying to imitate the shape of a Christmas tree. Draw a square at the bottom so that it acts as a pot and on top sticks a real ornament like a star that brings relief to the card.

There is nothing more Christmas-like than tangled lights and this can be applied to a greetings card. Draw a plug on the side and, from there, create your own cable design with the help of a green wool thread. Along it, draw the lights on or make them yourself with bright colored beads. Above all write a sentence saying Merry Christmas.

These are our recommendations to make your gifts of Wise Men are as original and creative as possible. All of them allow a great freedom for each one to make their own designs and adapt the suggestions to the preferences of their loved ones. Now it only remains to enjoy with the family and friends of these days together. Happy Three Wise Men!

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