mesa año nuevo

Prepare your table for the arrival of the new year

The table for Christmas lunches and dinners is the meeting place for family and friends during these special dates. That’s why it needs specific preparation and decoration to achieve the desired atmosphere and help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Below, we give you a series of tips on how to prepare your table to finish the year and welcome 2019.

Christmas is a time when we gather with our family and friends to enjoy the moment and leave behind the day-to-day worries and stress, something really necessary to recharge the batteries and start the new year with the strength to fulfill all our purposes.

The table for lunch or dinner is usually a place of meeting and reunion with friends and family, so it is important to pay attention not only to the food itself, but also to the preparation of the table, with its special decoration with Christmas motifs to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The decoration of the table for Christmas is basically a set of small details, such as cutlery or tablecloth, which must be taken into account so that the final result is as special as possible.

The choice of tablecloth and colors

The first thing you have to do is choose the main colors, normally for these dates it is usually red, white and/or gold. This is a matter of taste, you can opt for a more minimalist decoration with a predominance of white and small details in gold or bet for the vast majority in red combined with the green typical Christmas fir.

The tablecloth with prints is also a good option, but you have to be careful that it is not too overloaded, since you also have to add the glasses and the cutlery and it can be too much visual information.

The tablecloth is the base on which you must continue decorating and combining colors with the other elements of the table. For example, glasses with red or gold details are a good way to add a touch of color with subtlety and elegance.

Centerpieces and candles for a special occasion

In addition to all the necessary elements in any table to eat (glasses, cutlery, plates …), being a special occasion, you can add others that are merely decorative, but they help to create that atmosphere so characteristic of Christmas.

For example, centerpieces are always an interesting and beautiful option and the best thing is that you can create it yourself. Grab a silver tray and place Christmas decorations inside it, like tree balls, small spruce leaves or garlands.

The candles are a final detail that help a lot to give you that warm and cozy feeling in opposite of the cold of the street. Of course, place the candles in a very central position in which no one is going to burn when picking up a shrimp dish.

Decorate the table for children

Larger families often need more than one table to eat, especially one for the little ones in the house. These can have their own decoration with the help of brown paper as a tablecloth. Let them be the ones who draw on it the Christmas motifs they want with markers and colored paints.

In addition to helping them develop their creativity and having an exclusive and original table, children feel more involved in the whole process of preparing for Christmas. As if that were not enough, the brown paper can be thrown away after use and is much easier to clean than a normal tablecloth.

With this last post, we say goodbye to 2018 and we wish you all from the Aecetia team a happy and prosperous new year!

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