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5 original ideas to present your grapes on New Year’s Eve

Preparing New Year’s Eve dinner is not only about making the menu for the whole family, but also having to assemble the twelve grapes to bid farewell to the year with good luck. If you want to surprise your family with a special detail and do not forget that dinner, we give you five original ideas to present the grapes this year.

New Year’s Eve is coming and it is time to say goodbye to 2018 and welcome as it deserves to 2019. On such a special night, with the whole family dressed up, the presentation of the grapes is an equally important part that has to be perfect. That’s why we’re going to give you five ideas to present the grapes on New Year’s Eve night this year.

The twelve grapes is a tradition of Spanish origin, which has spread to other Latin American countries. Its origins date back to the end of the 19th century and, shortly after, the custom of going to the Puerta del Sol in Madrid to take the grapes during the chimes also settled down.

Grape skewers

A very simple and beautiful presentation at the same time is to place the twelve grapes on a skewer . It is not necessary that it is only one skewer, since it may not fit or be too big and uncomfortable, so you can place two or three for comfort.

To complete this presentation and not be so austere, you can place the skewers inside a glass of champagne (for a later toast for the New Year), either full or empty, according to the tastes of each, or make a kind of center Christmas with other fruits and you can also add some pineapple or a candle.

Reserve cans

The grape companies no longer only sell them in clusters, but packages with the twelve exact grapes with a beautiful presentation. You can do this yourself at home without having to spend more money, for example, with some cans.

This form of presentation has become very common in caterings and restaurants of high standing to stand out through creativity and imagination. You just have to take an empty can of food, clean it well so that there is no residue or smell and put the twelve grapes inside, ready to bid farewell to the year.

Grape Chupachups

Many people decide not to eat grapes and take on another product, like sweets, to vary a little after many years eating the same. It is not really necessary to do this change, since the presentation can help give a more original touch and not fall into the same monotony of all years.

This can be achieved with the chopsticks we mentioned before (cutting it in equal parts so that they are not so long) and nailing each grape to create a lollipop. To add an original and sweet touch, add icing sugar and they will not be the same grapes of all years.

Christmas tree with grapes

This form of presentation can be especially attractive for children and fits perfectly with the Christmas spirit of the holidays.

You just need to put the grapes in rows to make the shape of a tree. In the first, only one grape, in the next, two, and so on until it is complete. To not be too simple, you can add a note of color (and flavor) by throwing a thin line of chocolate for all the grapes.

Container with a lace

The blondas are usually a decorative element widely used in the kitchen, especially in bakeries, and for this occasion can also be used so that the presentation is not too simple.

It is only necessary to make a small container with the lace to place the grapes inside and put it in a glass to prevent them from falling.

With these five ideas you have to choose how to say goodbye the year as you want, but always in a creative and original way that surely all the guests will love and help make that night a little more special than the usual.

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