How to easily clean mattress stains

Keeping the mattress clean is very important to rest properly. In homes with children this is usually more common, with all kinds of spots, such as urine or sweat. That’s why we give you some simple keys on how to clean mattress stains so that it is in perfect condition and so that you and yours can have a restful sleep.

The mattress is one of the essential pieces to have an nice rest and start the next day with energy and vitality. That’s why it’s so important to keep it clean and in perfect condition. Cleaning the mattress is usually more necessary and constant if you have children at home, so you probably have to deal with urine stains or sweat or dirt that children take home.

How to clean mattress stains: moisture and bad odors

Ventilating the mattress is a simple routine task that can be of great help to keep it clean and free of mites, something to consider especially for those who suffer from allergy. Get used to doing it every time you change the sheets. Either take the mattress outside on the terrace or patio or open several windows to create a current of air and ventilate properly.

In spite of cleaning a mattress and making it look like new, the scents may remain and it does not help to have a good rest. Put sodium bicarbonate on the mattress and let it take effect throughout the night. This makes it absorb all the bad odors and then you just need to vacuum the remaining baking soda. To finish the process, you can add some pleasant aroma that you like, like lavender, which is usually used for relaxation and perfect to lower stress levels, ideal for before bedtime.

Moisture stains on mattresses are usually a common problem. The first thing to do is to place the mattress in the sun to dry any trace of moisture. To remove the mold, you just need to apply a solution of water with white wine vinegar or baking soda. Apply it on the stain and then let it dry for a day.

How to clean mattress stains: blood and urine

As for blood stains, it is best to try to remove it as soon as possible, before it dries or penetrates more into the mattress. In case it’s been a while, the best remedy to eliminate this type of stains is to use oxygenated water. Put it on a cotton ball and apply it on the stained surface until it disappears completely.

Urine stains are common in homes with small children, so do not worry, they are easily cleaned and there will be no trace on the mattress. In the event that it is still fresh, apply a mixture of vinegar and water (one part of vinegar for every four of water) and you will not have a problem.

In the case that it has already dried, the best thing to do is to apply sodium bicarbonate in the area and let it act for a few hours. After a while, remove the remains with a vacuum cleaner and it will be clean. In the unlikely event of a very resistant stain, try a solution containing hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate. Let it act for a few minutes and then dry it.

Finally, for vomit spots it is advisable to use white vinegar. Pour a little over the area in question and leave it for ten minutes. Next, pour a little sodium bicarbonate, which will make a bubbling effect. Let it sit for another ten minutes, and when everything is dry, just vacuum and the mattress will be as good as new.

These are just some examples of the most common stains that mattresses usually have. Many of them can not be avoided, especially if you have children at home, but aerating and periodically cleaning the mattress helps prevent problems with moisture and mildew. The rest is easy to solve knowing the products and the process that you should use well.

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