3 infallible tricks to clean marble

The kitchen and bathroom are probably the dirtiest places in the house at the end of the day. Many houses have marble in these places, both floors and countertops, so it is necessary to do a maintenance and continuous cleaning. In this post we are going to give you three infallible tricks on how to clean the marble of your house.

Marble is a material widely used in many houses, especially in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. These two rooms are usually the ones that get dirty the most, so it is necessary to know how to keep these surfaces clean, especially because usually food falls in there.

How to clean marble with homemade products

In order not to buy specific products, this is the process you must follow by using objects that we have at home. The first thing is to clean the floor of any type of dirt and surface dust, which can be easily removed with a broom or a mop. The toughest stains can be removed using a cloth moistened with water and alcohol.

This is just a quick clean, but if you want a deeper one, fill a bucket with water and add three spoonfuls of baking soda, four of alcohol and some liquid soap. The final result is a clean, bright, brand-new marble floor.

Remember that it is important not to use abrasive cleaners, as they may end up damaging the surface. The most advisable thing is to go to a professional for the most serious problems with marble. It also tries to avoid products that contain acid elements, such as vinegar or lemon, which only get to take away its natural shine in the long term.

How to clean travertine marble

This type of marble is the most common in bathrooms and usually has problems related to humidity and the appearance of mold. The cleaning of these places is done in a more manual way, with a brush with soft bristles to remove the remains of mold and soap that are normally left in the bathrooms.

Pass this brush, lightly moistened with warm water, through the dirtier areas or where the spots are. The only thing you need after cleaning is to wipe with a cloth with water and neutral soap to remove all the dirt that may have remained.

Keep the marble clean and polished

The deep cleaning of the marble is necessary from time to time, but it is also important to carry out a periodic care. In the kitchen, it is normal for food to fall, oil to splash or liquids to spill. These should be cleaned at the time it happens to prevent them from leaving any stain.

For these cases, simply use a mixture of soap and water and it is enough to clean marble. If this does not work, combine the water with white vinegar to make more effect and get the surface to look good again.

To finish this maintenance, it is necessary to polish the marble, with another natural remedy. Take three tablespoons of baking soda and pour a little water until you get a paste that you can apply on the surface you want to polish. Extend it and let it rest for half an hour and then simply remove it with water and it will be shiny and polished as new.

The cleaning of marble is an important part of keeping the house clean, because it is usually found in the places that get dirty. That is why it is essential to clean it daily and not let them be so that the stains are increasingly difficult to remove. Remember that acidic products such as vinegar or lemon only help the marble lose its natural shine.

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