How does household disorder affect your quality of life?

The hectic pace of life we lead today makes us have less and less free time. And the little we have, we do not want to dedicate it to keeping our home in order, however, this is more important than a priori may seem. We tell you how the disorder of the home can affect your quality of life.

Work, pick up children from school, take out the dog, go to the gym, etc. It is true that we have a very busy agenda and we have no free time for almost nothing, and less to order the house. But you should know that leaving home tasks aside can harm you more than you think. Today we tell you how the disorder of your home can negatively affect your quality of life.

1. Tiredness

When we arrive home after a long day with the intention of relaxing, it is very important that the house is tidy. It may seem silly but it is so, disorganization in the home can cause a loss of energy that sometimes we are not aware but that will affect us physically and emotionally.

For example, if we try to find something that we need without any result, because the disorder of the house prevents us from doing it quickly, it will have to make an extra effort that leads to increased accumulated fatigue of the day.


That is, due to the disorder of the home, the fatigue of day to day will increase, which we could avoid simply by keeping our home in order.

2. Stress

Associated with fatigue, there is stress, which almost without realizing it will appear as consequence of it. Stress can affect us a lot in our day to day and lead to serious health problems, so we should try to avoid it.

The disorder can overload your senses and increase the hormones that cause stress to see our chaotic around when you get home. Therefore, it is not advisable to have the house upside down, as it will make you feel overwhelmed and may even destabilize your immune system with the passage of time.

3. Deconcentration

Our rhythm of life, together with the thousands of things we have to do, make concentration a fundamental aspect in our day to day life. We need to focus in order to be able to move forward with everything we have and, in addition, give us time in 24 hours.

If our home is messy and we have many things through, it will cause that when we get ready to do something, we are not focused since we have many distractions. In addition, the disorder can overwhelm us and cause us to process more slowly the information that comes to us, so it is not beneficial at all.

4. Feeling guilty

It may seem strange but yes, many people end up feeling guilty when they get home and see that chaos. This constant disorder, which sometimes causes feelings of guilt, can eventually cause emotional damage. In addition, the longer we take to get down to work, the more it will cost us to organize everything and the feeling of guilt will be increased per day.


5. Health problems

Last, but not least, disorder also carries with it certain health problems. And the disorder, generally, is also linked to lack of cleanliness as storing things makes it harder to clean every corner so more dust and dirt will accumulate.

In the long run, all that dust and dirt can cause allergies, which will affect our health and our quality of life, so we must do everything possible to avoid it.

Keeping the home tidy and clean can benefit us in many aspects of our day to day. In this way, our home will have a better harmony and good energy which will make us feel better emotionally. You will get less stressed and tired, more concentrated, with less guilt and most importantly, your quality of life will undoubtedly be improved.

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