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How to decorate your Halloween pumpkin step by step

The most terrifying time of the year is approaching … Halloween is just around the corner! It is time to prepare our house to receive the little ones with their costumes, and a terrifying pumpkin cannot miss. We tell you how to decorate your Halloween pumpkin step by step.

Halloween is a very fun party and we all love it. It is the perfect excuse to unleash our imagination by designing fantastic costumes and decorating our house to welcome children with the particular Trick or Treating of this time of year.

There are many ways to decorate our house for Halloween: cobwebs with cotton, cardboard bats, etc. But without doubt, the most characteristic of Halloween is a terrifying pumpkin decorating our entrance. We show you how to decorate your Halloween pumpkin step by step.

Clean the pumpkin

The first step to start decorating our Halloween pumpkin is to completely empty it. To do this, and very carefully, cut with a sharp knife a circle at the top, where the stem is, to be able to open it.

decorar calabaza

Once we have opened it, it proceeds to empty its interior. To remove all the meat from the pumpkin until it is completely empty, you can use your hands or you can help yourself with a ladle if it is easier for you. The next step, when you have left completely empty, will be to wash the inside of the pumpkin with water.

Once it’s completely empty and clean, we can move on to the funniest phase: carving our pumpkin.

Carve the pumpkin

Carving the pumpkin is the most creative and fun step of the decoration process. You will need a very sharp knife, so you must be careful not to hurt yourself.

We want our pumpkin to be as good as possible so, to avoid mistakes, it is advisable and important that you make a scale design of what you intend to carve. In this way, it will be easier for you to get what you want. What have you thought of? Longs cat eyes or round and friendly eyes? A toothless smile? Let your imagination fly and create the most terrifying design for this Halloween.

When you have it on paper, take a pencil, or any instrument that will not be noticed later on the pumpkin, and draw your design on it. In this way it will be easier to carve and avoid making mistakes. Once drawn, with the help of the knife, start little by little to go through the design until punch the pumpkin and carve the design to get the result you want. But yes, be careful not to cut yourself!

decorar calabaza

Finally, if you want your design to stay better, you can spray the inside of the pumpkin with glue in spray at the end.

Where to place it?

You already have your Halloween pumpkin decorated. See how easy? And now, where do we put it? It is time to think about the best place for our pumpkin, which will be a place where it looks good and everyone can appreciate your great work.

It is the most terrifying night of the year and surely we have many visits to home that day, so the ideal thing is to place it on the porch or at the entrance door. So all those who come home to ask for candy can see it.

Although you should keep in mind that in October we may find ourselves in bad weather. As we do not want to harm our work, in case of bad weather, you can always leave your pumpkin in the window if its size allows it. Another option would be to put it on the stairs or in the entrance, so they will see it when they arrive.

With these simple steps, you will get a perfect and terrific pumpkin made to order for your home, just the way you like it. In this way, you will be more than prepared for the arrival of Halloween and all those little ones asking for candy. And now, tell me, trick or treat?


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