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How to clean white cloth shoes so they are impeccable

The white cloth shoes are comfortable to wear and also combine with everything and look great, that’s why we all love them. However, they stain very easily and it can be difficult to get them to be as white as they were at the beginning. We tell you how to clean them so that they are impeccable.

Surely more than once it has happened to you that you went to the closet for your favorite white cloth shoes, but they were too dirty to put on. How can you avoid this annoying situation? In the following article we tell you how to clean them so that they are impeccable.

Clean surface dirt

In the first place we will have to make sure to remove all the superficial dirt that our shoes may have, and then we can focus on the one that is more embedded. This is very simple, since it simply requires picking up a brush and rubbing the shoes.

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We should rub the shoes gently if we do not want to wear the material even more, and so we will get rid of dust and superficial stains.

Water, soap and baking soda

Many think that the best way to wash the cloth shoes is in the washing machine, but this can be a mistake since we can spoil the fabric of the shoes. To clean the white shoes more deeply, we will need a toothbrush, water, soap and baking soda. Beware of using other cleaning materials that could be harmful to the fabric.

Next, mix the water in a container, with the soap (neutral) and with the baking soda. Stir well until it has completely mixed, and wet the toothbrush in the mixture.

Extend the compound with the help of the toothbrush all over the shoe, rubbing with intensity, and emphasize those spots that are more embedded. Once finished, clean the remains of the mixture with the help of a damp cloth.

Avoid deformations

Once we have our shoes clean, we should let them dry. During drying it is likely to produce deformations in the same if we aren’t careful enough because, when wet, they might take another shape. If while they dry they do not recover their original shape they can be completely damaged. Many times they can become uncomfortable when you put them back on.

como limpiar zapatillas blancas de tela

To avoid this, before letting them dry, it is convenient to crease a sheet of newspaper or magazine and create a ball of the appropriate size to fit inside the shoe. In this way the shoe will gradually recover its original shape.

Wash the laces

Last but not least, you have to wash the laces. This process is really similar to the process of washing the fabric of the shoes.

First, remove the laces from the shoes, and spread them out. Then use a small brush to remove the most superficial dirt. Then, mix detergent and water in a bowl and stir. The next step is to use the same toothbrush, wet it in the composition and rub the laces. Finally you rinse them with water, and let them dry.

Following these steps, you will get flawless cloth shoes, as white as newly purchased, without having to resort to the washing machine, which could affect the quality and fabric of the shoes. Without a doubt, the most important thing is to try to keep them clean daily, although in the case of the little ones it is not an easy task.

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