Ready for the arrival of autumn? 3 trends for decorating your home

The end of September is here, so it’s time to say goodbye to the summer sun and welcome a new season. The arrival of autumn is a change of colors in our environment, which also requires a change of colors and decoration in our home.

Autumn is just around the corner, and it brings the season of sweaters, copper-stained landscapes and the crunching of leaves underfoot. For that reason we feel inspired to give our house a more autumnal look. We leave you three decoration trends for this fall.

Copper and reddish

Autumn is undoubtedly characterized by the change of environment, the change in landscapes, and now copper-coloured and reddish colors are plentiful in the streets. Therefore, to be in tune, we must include these colors in our home’s decoration.

To achieve this, we will have to make a radical change in the most basic things of our home, such as tablecloths, bedclothes, curtains and even rugs; and change them for others that are more autumnal colors. Also, thanks to this, our house will have a more sheltered look, which is great now that the cold is arriving.

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In addition, this autumn of 2018 the pattern prints return, the diamonds, triangles and geometric ordered with a logical pattern as well. Also, the autumnal flowers and even the leopard will return. Take advantage and put your house in the latest fashion!

Use leaves

Is there anything more autumnal than the fallen leaves of the trees? They are the quintessential sign of the arrival of autumn. Therefore, we can take advantage of those dry leaves that have already been detached from the branches of the trees to create a perfect decoration for our house.

This can be done in a very simple way, taking the fallen dry leaves, joining them with a beige, copper or reddish thread and sticking them on the wall or where you like the most. If you want it to be more original, add small lights. You will have a beautiful autumn wreath to decorate the walls of your home.

Autumnal crowns and centerpieces

A very original idea is to make autumn crowns as a decorative element. These are hung and decorate walls or doors, as preferred. In addition, they are simple and inexpensive to do because the materials are natural.

It’s as simple as picking twigs and dried leaves from the trees, pinecones fallen from the pines, or whatever else you can think of! The design is yours so let your imagination fly. With the branches form a circle and join them, and then add the rest of the decoratives you have decided to put on your crown.

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Another good idea is to take advantage of the pinecones fallen from the pines to make original centerpieces that will give a more autumnal look to your home. In addition, they will give a nice touch to your table to be the envy of any family event you can have at home.
For example, place in a small wicker basket two or three dry pineapples, and add a white candle and small decorative balls of gold, copper or even white colors. This might also be useful for christmas era.

With these ideas, undoubtedly, your home will be much more original and ready for the arrival of autumn. Besides, it will be in harmony with the autumnal colors of the exterior landscapes.

Give the best welcome to the golden age of the year!

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