cómo organizar un vestidor

Ideas to keep your dressing always organized

You’re going out and you’re in a lot of hurry because you’re late, but you can’t find those jeans you want to wear because your dressing room is a mess. Surely you have found yourself in this situation more than once, that’s why we give you some ideas so that it won’t happen again.

We have all desperately looked for a piece of clothing that we wanted to wear that day, but we have not been able to find it because our dressing room was too messy. In the end, we always end up finding it when we no longer need it.

We are sure you’ve been involved in that situation before, that’s the reason why today we tell you how to organize your dressing with a few simple tricks so you always find what you need in the fastest way.

Throw what you no longer need away

The first step you must take to organise your dressing is to throw away all those clothes you don’t need. It is normal to have clothes in the closet that you really don’t wear but don’t want to throw away  “just in case”. However, you must take the step and get rid of them since that “just in case” is the one that does not allow you to have an organized closet because it will always be too full.

cómo organizar un vestidor

To carry it out, take all your clothes out of the closet, and put in a bag all those garments that you aren’t really going to wear again, because they are no longer your size, because you no longer like them or simply because they have gone out of fashion. A good idea is to donate it to people who need it, or even sell it if you want to earn some extra money.

Store non-seasonal clothing in boxes

Having a coat hanging in the closet in the middle of August doesn’t make any sense. Not only you won’t put it on, but it will take away space for another garment. For that reason, put in boxes all the clothes that are not seasonal, and keep them in the attic of the closet, under your bed, or in any other place where it does not hinder.

After these first two steps, you will see how your dressing room looks much clearer and more spacious. You are ready to start organizing and put some order in your life.


First, you must decide what are you going to hang and what are you going to fold. The shirts, blouses, dresses and all the clothes that can wrinkle should be hung in any case. It is also advisable to hang the jeans, but if they do not fit, we can keep them well folded too.

It is important to use the appropriate hangers for each garment, as this will help preventing wrinkling or sagging. For example, a shirt with a very wide neck will not be able to hang on a hanger that is too small because it will end up falling.

Pants or overalls that are too long for the closet should be hung and folded on the classic wooden hangers.

Divide your wardrobe into sections

When it comes to organizing your dressing room it will be very important that you divide it by sections. For example, by colors, type of garment, occasions for which you wear it, etc.

You can start by placing at the front of the wardrobe those garments that you use daily and on a daily basis so you don’t have to be always looking for your clothes at the bottom of the closet. Put all the party dresses together, all the pants and blouses work together. This way you will save a lot of time when choosing what you are going to wear.

With all these tricks you will be able to perfectly organize your dressing room and you will always have everything at hand. But remember that the most important thing is to keep it that way every day.

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