3 ideas to decorate your home with recycled materials

Definitely you have a million things at home that you neither use nor know what to do with them. The first option you probably consider is throwing them away but, why not take advantage of them? In this article we tell you 3 great ideas to decorate your home with recycled materials.

Everyone likes to have their home with the best decoration, and perhaps you think that it’s necessary a lot of money to buy the most expensive decorative elements. However, there are many ways to make your own with materials that you can find at home. If you like decoration and crafts, you can’t miss these ideas.

Table linens with old jeans

Everyone has some old jeans in the closet background that we no longer wear, but we still keep them. It is time to take them out and give them a useful life. With them, we can make a personalized and original table linen set.

Individual tablecloth

First of all, you can make individual table linens. To do this, you have to use a piece of one of the jeans legs, opened by the seams. You can cut it more or less depending on the size you want to get. Pay attention to the back pocket when you cut, it should stay on one side of the tablecloth, since we will use it to put the napkin and cutlery.

decorar tu hogar

Large tablecloth

If you prefer, you also can do a large tablecloth to cover all the table. To do this, you should get a white tablecloth, as simple as possible. Then, get a few jeans pockets and start sewing them in the tablecloth corners to your liking.

When you put the tablecloth on the table, the pockets will be placed in the part that hangs, so you can place cutlery, napkins, straws, etc. It is a very simple idea and, in addition, very practical.

Vases with crystal containers

Flowers always give a lot of happiness and color to our house, and it is usual to place them in more than one room. The usual thing is using glass vases to put them. However, we want to help you make your home more original. Why not take advantage of the empty juice containers that you will throw away?

This craft is very simple. First you must wash the inside of the container very well and remove the stickers outside. You can do it using hot water or alcohol to prevent from leaving any trace.

Once you have done this, you can decorate the container to your liking. You can use fabrics, lace, string, thread, etc. Anything that comes to your mind to decorate it. Stick them to the container with special glue. You can also use decorative elements such as stickers.

Finally, fill the container with water, and place the flowers inside. Ready! You have a vase made of recycled material that will be ideal in any corner of your home.

decorar tu hogar

Organizer of cups with wood pallets

At first you can think that a wood pallet is useless. However, we can do many things that will undoubtedly give a very special touch to our home.

You can make a cup organizer for your kitchen. It is very easy, but first make sure that the pallet does not have splinters with which you can hurt yourself. You just have to put some hooks in which you hang the cups and decorate it. You can paint it with special paint for wood, even write the names of you family members so that everyone places their breakfast cup there. This will give you a much more personal, organized touch.

We are sure that with these ideas you can decorate your home to your liking and in the most original way. In addition, you can brag of being a handyman. See you next time!


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