Post-holiday depression? Tips to face it

The end of the holidays always comes with feared news for everyone… back to work! And the problem is that the return to routine can affect us emotionally with more intensity than we think. We tell you how to face it.

After a well-deserved vacation of relax and disconnection, it is time to return to the routine, and this can affect us in such a way that we could suffer the famous post-holiday depression. The symptoms are some such as apathy, demotivation and even anxiety.

Therefore, so that you can return to your routine without problems, we give you some tips that will help you face it successfully.

Start the adaptation with time

It is very recommendable that, a couple of days before returning to work, you try to get used to your usual schedule again. This will help a lot so that the return to work is not so hard since you will get used to the schedule little by little.

With this we mean both the sleep schedule and the meal schedule, since during the holidays we usually go to bed and get up later so our whole meal schedule also destabilizes.

Be optimistic

Another very important aspect to survive the return to routine is optimism. Adopting a positive attitude and trying to see the good side of things will help you mitigate your post-holiday depression.

This may not be easy at first, but you will have to make an effort and think about all the good things that coming back to the routine might have, such as enjoying meals with colleagues at work or to take your Pilates classes again.

To boost your optimism, you can try to adopt healthy habits that will help you feel healthier, and with it, happier. Do sport, have a balanced diet, have a set schedule and, above all, spend time for yourself.

Don’t stress yourself

Once you have started your work day again, you will have to adapt little by little to it. So that the change is not so huge, try not to feel all the responsibility on your shoulders.

You must try not to overwhelm yourself with too many tasks from the beginning, and try to recover your pace of work little by little. Allow yourself to rest if you see that you are too tired, and do not overwork as the only thing you will achieve is to be even more discouraged. The last thing we want is to feed our post-holiday stress.

In addition, going back to the routine doesn’t mean leaving leisure aside. Find time for yourself, your hobbies, family and friends. In company, post-holiday depression gets much better.


Delegating household chores can make the return to work not so stressful. When we return from vacation, the last thing we will want to do is to clean the house, so this option can save us an unnecessary worry.

In addition we can also feel stressed because we have to look after our children, since it is possible that with the return to work we have problems of schedules to dedicate them the time they need, such as picking them up from school. Therefore, a good option would be to hire a person to help you with your children.


Post-holiday depression is a symptom that will be repeated every year, however, hopefully these tips will help you cope with it the best way possible.

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