How to remove the smell of cigarettes with these 4 tricks

The smell of cigarettes is not pleasant, especially when you have it at home. It is impregnated both in the clothes and in the furniture and even in the skin itself. We let you know how to remove it with a few simple tricks, so that your house always has a pleasant smell.

The smell of cigarettes is undoubtedly very unpleasant. If you are a smoker, you will have this problem every day, and if you are not, but you live with smokers, you will also see yourself in this situation often. It is a very annoying and uncomfortable feeling, especially if we have guests at home, because it can cause a bad impression of our home.

How to remove the smell of cigarettes at home?

Even if you are a smoker, we are sure you want to get rid of the smell of cigarettes in your home. Therefore, it is important that when you finish smoking, the first thing you do is to throw the cigarette butts out and collect the ashtrays and clean them. In addition, you should let your house breathe leaving the windows open for a long time.

Now we are going to tell you a few tricks that will help you both to eliminate the smell of cigarettes, and to prevent it.

The magic solution: vinegar

Vinegar is going to be our best ally when it comes to removing the smell of cigarettes. First you must heat vinegar with water in a pot, and put the mixture in a spray. Then, we spread it in those areas where the smell of smoke has been concentrated, and you will notice a great improvement in the environment.

If you want to prevent the smell, you can also leave small bowls with white vinegar in the areas where it is more impregnated, or even when you go to scrub the floor mix a little white vinegar with water and soap.

Coffee and citrus

This is a very effective method to get rid of the smell of cigarettes. It consists in leaving in the key areas of the house small bowls with coffee beans, or if you prefer, with citrus skins such as orange peels.

This will help us to make the bad smell disappear since not only will it absorb it, but we will even make our home smell great since, when giving off a good smell, it will also serve as natural air fresheners.

Fight smoke with smoke

You know what they say: fire is fought with fire. So, to get the smell of cigarettes smoke to disappear, we can use methods like lighting matches. Depending on the size of the room, more or less matches will be needed, and they should always be placed in those areas where the smell is the strongest.

If you prefer, we can also put some incense, which has a wide range of scents, so you can choose it to your liking. In addition, incense can help us feel relaxed, and combat anxiety.


Finally, we also have the least homemade option to buy the typical fragrances sold in stores, which give off a fragrance to your liking.

In this case, it is always recommended to buy fresh and simple fragrances, which do not make the overall smell of the house too heavy, because with the smell of cigarettes, there is a strange mixture that we probably will not like.

Thanks to all these tricks you can easily remove this uncomfortable and unpleasant smell, but certainly it would be ideal not to smoke in closed areas, but in the patio, balcony, or leaning out the window. The most important thing is to feel in harmony with our house.

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