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Washing plush toys in the washing machine: things you should know

Happiness and health of our children is undoubtedly the main concern for any parent. Therefore, we must keep all your plush toys very clean so they can play with them and avoid being in contact with the germs that they can accumulate. We tell you how to do it.

Surely we are not mistaken when affirming that your kid has a very special favorite plush that can’t be separated from all day. Kid’s happiness is just as simple as a toy.

However, these stuffed toys tend to accumulate dust and dirt that turn them into a source of germs. For that reason, we tell you some tips that you should keep in mind if you decide to wash them in the washing machine.

Wash stuffed animals in the washing machine: when and when not

Before putting the stuffed animal in the washing machine, we have to make sure that it is not going to get damaged during washing. Therefore, it is very important to check the label’s instructions and see the washing preferences.

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Secondly, we will have to make sure that the stuffed toy is not broken or unstitched, because if it were that way it could end up destroyed inside the washing machine. If this is your case, you must sew it previously or wash it dry-cleaning.

It is also recommended that the stuffed toy we want to wash is not too old, whose material is already worn out, since it is likely that when washed in the washing machine it ends up breaking completely.

Finally, it is important that the plush toy is not battery powered or battery operated, because these shouldn’t be washed in the washing machine under any circumstances. They will need a dry-cleaning.

Before putting it in the washing machine

Once you have made sure that the stuffed animal is suitable for washing in the washing machine, it is convenient to keep some things that will allow the washing to be as effective as possible in mind.

To get an optimal cleaning of your stuffed toy, we can rub in those areas where it has more spots. Rub with a damp cloth and soap, to get rid of dirt that is more embedded in the stuffed animal more easily. This way, we will make sure that your child’s best friend will come out impeccable from the washing machine.

How to protect the stuffed animal?

Although the plush toy is suitable for washing machine, it is true that not all materials are the same, with some being more delicate than others. Therefore, the ideal is to be careful and protect the stuffed toy  to avoid surprises.

To wash the stuffed toy in the washing machine, first we put it in a cloth cover (a pillow case, for example), and we put it with the rest of the clothes, along with soap and a little softener so that the plush toy has a better finishing touch.

It is recommended to use a short wash cycle, for delicate items (that don’t have many revolutions), and it is especially important to use cold water. Be careful with the garments that can discolor or fade, they can ruin the stuffed toy.

Drying process

After washing the stuffed toy in the washing machine, we have to dry it carefully. It is always recommended not to dry it in the dryer as it could be damaged or even shrink.

Generally, it should be left to dry outdoors, hanging from the clothesline. We must be careful with where we leave it since it can be filled with dust or dirt again.

If we want a faster drying, we can always choose the hair dryer, or leave it near the air conditioning or fan, always with cold air, we should never use hot air.

The last thing we have to keep in mind is the brushing, since it will help to make the stuffed toy soft and cozy for our children. It only remains to keep the plush toy clean and see how our beloved kids enjoy them.

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